OPI Love OPI XOXO Holiday 2017 Collection

New Release: OPI — Love OPI, XOXO (Holiday 2017)

Collection: OPI 2017 Holiday

OPI has released their Holiday collection for 2017! It consists of 12 new shades in Nail Lacquer, Infinite Shine, and Gel lines.

Keep in mind that OPI’s official bottle pics do not generally show texture (shimmer, frost, etc.) so they sometimes look like creams when they actually have a different finish.

Adam Said “It’s New Year’s, Eve”
This apple red nail polish is no forbidden fruit.


This metallic charcoal nail polish is the only one for me.

The Color That Keeps On Giving
Candy-hued pearlescent pink nail polish that’s as sweet and giving and receiving.

Feel the

You’ll keep coming back to this nail polish’s shimmering purple hue.

Gift of Gold
Never Gets Old

Shimmer and shine, with this glam metallic.

Over You

And I hope this jet-black trance never ends.

My Wish List
is You

Head over heels in love with this perfect holiday red.

Ornament to
Be Together

A silver nail polish to wear forever and ever.

Sending You Holiday Hugs
XOXO, Your Favorite Fuchsia Nail Polish

Snow Glad
I Met You

Let’s take a walk in a winter wonderland with this soft, white-hued nail polish.

Top the Package with a Beau
A gray nail polish so fine, he’ll always be mine.

Wanna Wrap?

This black-burgundy nail polish is so chic it doesn’t need a bow.

I’ll have to wait until I see these in person, but I like the look of Coalmates, Feel the Chemis-tree, Snow Glad I Met You, Top the Package with a Beau, and Wanna Wrap?

Happy Shopping!

[Images via opi.com]

Shu Uemura × Super Mario Bros. Holiday 2017 collection

Haulage! Shu Uemura × Super Mario Bros. (Holiday 2017)

Shu Uemura just released their new collaboration with Super Mario Bros./Nintendo (I KNOW!) and it is an awesome collection!

Sadly, there’s no nail polish, though I did snag the Invincible Superstar Premium Curler and Peach’s Favorite Premium Brush Set.

Super Mario World for Super Nintendo brings back memories!

Here are some selected items from the collection:

shu uemura – peach's eye and cheek palette
shu uemura – peach’s eye and cheek palette
US$115 / CA$125
shu uemura – ultime8 sublime beauty cleansing oil
shu uemura – ultime8 sublime beauty cleansing oil
US$91 / CA$99
shu uemura – peach's favorite premium brush set
shu uemura – peach’s favorite premium brush set
US$69 / CA$89

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Julep November 2017 collection

New Release: Julep — Enlightened Glow (November 2017)

Collection: Julep 2017 November “Enlightened Glow”, 2017 Zodiac, 2017 Holiday: Coveted & Sugar Suite

Julep’s November 2017 collection consists of seven new frosty, metallic shades for the coming winter. And, of course, the latest addition to their 2017 Zodiac collection is a new shade for the sign of Scorpio (October 23–November 22).

Late last month, Julep also introduced their Holiday sets, which includes two sets of Nail Color minis.

#Coveted ($84 / Maven $48) consists of 3 new and 9 repromoted shades.

  • Jolene – Iron Ore Metallic
  • Yixi (new) – Iridescent Seafoam Shimmer
  • Ange – Tidepool Blue Crème
  • Ani – Periwinkle Frenzy Matte Glitter Top Coat
  • Lara – Shell Pink with Gold Shimmer
  • Kaitlyn – Berry Pie Crème
  • Azalea (new) – Pink Sunrise Holographic Microglitter
  • Charissa – Mineral Red Crème
  • Arelene (new) – Frosted Peach Shimmer
  • Signe – Red-Hot Coral Shimmer
  • Fran – Sassy Red Crème
  • Marisol – Golden Amber Metallic

Sugar Suite ($42 / Maven $24) consists of 6 new iridescent shades:

  • Georgina (new) – Unicorn Iridescent Microglitter
  • Patty (new) – Magenta Berry Iridescent
  • Maegan (new) – Cosmic Grape Iridescent
  • Kiana (new) – Blue Clematis Iridescent
  • Emery (new) – Deep Sea Teal Iridescent
  • Sora (new) – Tropical Aqua Iridescent

As you may have suspected, I already picked up Sugar Suite with my Maven pricing!

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Zoya Party Girls Winter 2017 Collection

New Release: Zoya — Party Girls (Winter 2017)

Collection: Zoya 2017 Winter, Party Girls

Zoya has released their Winter 2017 collection, Party Girls, consisting of twelve rich new shades. There are also seven new shades of lipstick.

Zoya are currently also running a code through Halloween (GLAMWITCH) that gives you the Glam Witch SetDelaney, Aggie, Olivera, and Maggie Lipstick—with any purchase of $30 or more, plus free shipping. US and CA only (Canadian orders are subject to an international handling fee).

Here are the new polishes!
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MAC Custom Eyeshadow Palette (old): Club, Cranberry, Trax, Vex.

Throwback Thursday! I Found My Lost MAC Palette…and Much More

I doubt anyone will recall, but I’ve mentioned on my blog that since I moved over five years ago, I misplaced what I thought was a few eyeshadow palettes, including my old, custom MAC eyeshadow palette with Club, Cranberry, Trax, and Vex. I also knew a few other palettes from Stila (my less-used ones), mark. by Avon, and some cheapies were missing, but the MAC palette was the one I wanted most.

As time went by, I lost hope of finding them, and thought that perhaps they went missing during the move. I even gave up and finally repurchased those four MAC eyeshadows last year (helps that MAC dropped the price of refill pans, so that it was cheaper to buy them now than when I did around ten years ago!).

Weeeeell. Over the weekend, I threw myself into a frenzy cleaning out the kids’ bedroom. Now, we actually use this bedroom as a guest/storage room, since we still have both kids sleeping with us (in separate cribs) in our master bedroom. We all love it this way for now!

Anyway, guests are coming soon for the winter, so I need to get that guest bedroom organized. I decided to do a top-to-bottom overhaul instead of the half-assery I usually do, and ended up donating about half of my old shoes to charity, etc. (After having two kids, most of my old shoes no longer fit my ever-so-slightly wider feet, not to mention I have more weight to lose and I think my feet are currently fatter than they used to be. My right foot has always been larger than my left, and while my left still fits into many of these pairs, the right simply cannot.) So long, my Elizabeth & James heels, comfy Converse, and leopard print flats! Sniff. I am saving some of the niftier pairs for Olive, though. Heh. She’ll have awesome/horrible vintage shoes by the time she’s twelve.

fivezero's old shoes: Elizabeth & James, Converse, Seychelles, Delman, Rockport, Hayden-Harnett, Puma, Superga, Jeffrey Campbell
Elizabeth & James Mazi Pumps / Converse Skidgrip EV Argyle Broken Heart
Seychelles Shimmy Pumps / Delman Sonya Pumps
Rockport Audry Welt Oxfords / Hayden-Harnett Laurel Flats / Puma Caroline Wedge Sneakers
Superga Cotu Classic Sneaker / Jeffrey Campbell Ring-2 Ballet Flats

On the positive side, a few pairs fit me a little better now, since they were a tad roomy before!

Hayden-Harnett Memphis Pumps / Fluevog Dig Booties / Biviel Mary Jane Zipper Pumps

Another positive: more room for handbags!

What was this post supposed to be about again? Oh right. Eyeshadow palettes!

Here we go…

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fivezero's Topbox, October 2017

Topbox — October 2017

Canadian subscription box Topbox (referral link) is one of those things that’s so cheap that it can be hard for me to justify dropping it…but I think I’m close to being done with them, again. Each month, I am pretty underwhelmed, and I think I’d be better off just buying one or two nail polishes each month with the CA$13.56 it costs me, after tax. At least I know I’d be happy with what I got.

I mean, after last month’s 2 mL Michael Kors fragrance vial and this month’s miniscule BeneFit sample, I think they’re no longer living up to the “4 deluxe samples” promise.

Oh, and this month, I also got the option to pony up $10 for a Beauty Surprise, so I did it. ‘Cause I’m a glutton for punishment.

I’m going to give them one more month—hey, maybe I’ll actually see a Privé box I’d rather have, for once. If it’s a bust, Topbox are out for the second time.

All prices are in CA$ unless otherwise noted.

What I Got as a $10 Beauty Surprise

  • Doucce Freematic Eye Shadow Quad in Autumn Leaves (7)

Beauty Surprise Cost = CA$10 + $1.13 tax, free shipping

Item Value = US$35

What I Received in my Topbox

  • BeneFit Foolproof Brow Powder in Deep 05 (0.01 g) [CA$32 for 2 g, value: CA$0.16]
  • The Body Shop 100% Vegetarian Expert Face Masks (Japanese Matcha Tea Pollution Clearing Mask & Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask) (2 × 5 mL) [CA$28 for 75 mL, value: CA$3.73]
  • Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Two Day Extender in Clear (1.2 oz) [CA$24.99 for 3.4 oz, value: CA$8.82]
  • Skin & Co Roma Truffle Therapy Essential Face Toner (30 mL) [US$27 for 200 mL, value: US$4.05]
  • Wella EIMI Perfect Me (6 mL) (freebie) [CA$19.66 for 100 mL, value: CA$1.18]

Box Cost = CA$12 + 1.56 tax, free shipping

Total Item Value = CA$0.16 + CA$3.73 + CA$8.82 + US$4.05 + CA$1.18 ≈ CA$18.95


Zoolander 2, lame, Owen Wilson

The box also came with a couple of coupons. One is for 20% off the masks from The Body Shop. I think it’s a coupon. There’s no barcode or anything, just says I can “Enjoy 20% off” if I bring it in-store. Super. The second came with the Wella freebie, and gives 50% off any Wella EIMI styling product at Chatters.ca (the online code is EIMI50), and it’s valid through the end of this year.

Soooo, ignoring the fact that I have a “deluxe sample” in my box worth 16 Canadian cents—we don’t even use pennies here anymore!!!—the bulk of my box’s value lies in the Redken dry shampoo. Also, I have no full-sized items this month; all are samples.

Detailed pics follow:

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fivezero's Ipsy Glam Bag "Spellbound" October 2017

Ipsy — October 2017 Glam Bag “Spellbound”

If you’re counting right, you’ll notice that my October Glam Bag only contains four products! Yes, for the first time in 29 Glam Bags, Ipsy made a mistake. I was supposed to receive a BLAQ Mask—which totally makes me think of Jet Li, and not the Batman villain—but it didn’t arrive. I contacted Ipsy and right away they told me they are sending it out ASAP.

(By the way, this month marks my 2-year Ipsy-versary, though I did have a hiatus in the middle of it—we were on a break!)

So, here’s my October Ipsy Glam Bag (referral link) with just the four items that did arrive.

Ipsy Glam Bag, October 2017, Spellbound

Ipsy October 2017 Glam Bag: “Spellbound”

Image: ipsy.com

What I Received

  • BLAQ Mask (15 mL sample; 60 mL for CA$24 / 2 × 60 mL for $29 / 3 × 60 mL for $35) [has not arrived]
  • IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Pressed Powder (3 g sample; 9 g for US$29)
  • Pretty Woman Nail Medic Charcoal Infused Nail Polish in Volcanic Ash (10 mL full size; US$7.99)
  • tarte Lifted Sweatproof Mascara (3 mL sample; 7 mL for US$23)
  • TonyMoly Peach Hand Cream (10 mL sample; 30 mL for US$12)
  • Ipsy makeup bag

Glam Bag Cost

$10 + $4.99 (shipping to Canada) = US$14.99

Total Bag Value

CA$6 + $9.67 + $7.99 + $9.86 + $4
= US$31.52 + CA$6.00
≈ US$36.30

I had a pretty low bag value this month, mostly due to the fact I only had one full-sized item in my Glam Bag! Quite a disappointment. I do like all the products I got, though, so it’s not that I’m unhappy. Yet, if I get another Pretty Woman nail polish next month while there are other cool nail brands available, I’m going to be fairly annoyed. (Seriously, I just got another Pretty Woman polish last month! I like the brand but I want to try new things.)

fivezero's Ipsy Glam Bag, October 2017, Spellbound.

fivezero’s Ipsy October 2017 Glam Bag

Image: ipsy.com

Ipsy Coupon Codes

  • Pretty Woman: 30% off any purchase with code NMOCT17 (through 11/30/2017)

There were no codes for most of my items, so here are a few other good ones available:

  • Bio Republic: 30% off any purchase with code IPSY30 (through 11/30/2017; US & CA only)
  • Context Skin: 25% off any purchase with code IPSY25 (through 11/30/2017; US & CA only)
  • fatboy: 30% off any purchase with code IPSYFATBOY30 (through 12/01/2017; US & CA only)
  • Sokoglam: 20% off any purchase with code IPSTERS (through 11/30/2017)

Here are some more detailed product shots:

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