Sally Hansen — Color Therapy — Powder Room

Collection: Sally Hansen 2016 Summer, Color Therapy [Launch]

I know this isn’t very Halloween-y at all, but I decided that my nail polish backlog is too great, especially since I also just picked up a number of Sally Hansen, L’Oréal, and Trust Fund Beauty polishes.

I haven’t reviewed many Sally Hansen polishes in a very long time (my last one was a Throwback Thursday review of Mandarin Mantra), but I recently became more interested in the brand after their recent summer launch of Color Therapy, a nail color infused with argan oil. The bottles look like the existing Complete Salon Manicure line, except with rose gold caps. Yup. I’m sold. (Ridiculous of me, I am aware!)

Shoppers Drug Mart ran a sale a couple of weeks ago, so I picked up Powder Room (200), Slicks and Stones (390), and Therapewter (130). I must mention that one reason I tend not to buy Sally Hansen polishes is that their top-shelf lines like Complete Salon Manicure and MiracleGel are actually priced higher than, say Essie. And I will almost always pick an Essie (one of my favorite brands of polish) over a Sally Hansen. The Color Therapy polishes tend to retail for about CA$12, and I got them on sale for $9.99. By comparison, I can often get Essies on sale for around $7–8.

So, my hope for these new Color Therapy polishes is that they make a case for being chosen over a less expensive Essie. Their marketing gimmick of containing argan oil doesn’t move me—polish needs to harden up, and I doubt there can be any benefit to the presence of said oil, let alone provide “instant moisture”.

Introducing new Color Therapy™, gorgeous color that cares while you wear! The patented argan oil formula fuses intensive nourishment and instant moisture for healthy looking nails.

Powder Room (200) is a soft beige-pink opaque frost that has a touch of taupe. The finish gives it a satin ribbon look.

Sally Hansen Color Therapy in Powder Room

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Deconstructing Eden — Pumpkin’s Revenge (Indie Perfume)

[Note: This was meant to be posted on the morning of October 24, 2016, but I hit “Publish” instead of “Preview” by accident, so here we are. I’ll just leave it after I make a few minor changes. Sigh. Happy Monday.]

We’re only one week away from Halloween! I’m not sure that I have enough Halloween-related stuff to review all week, but I’ll boo my best.

I’ve been on a perfume kick over the last few months, sniffing a slew of testers at counters and picking up a range of scents from classic (Guerlain Mitsouko EDP), popular (Diesel Loverdose and Salvatore Ferragamo Signorina EDP), celebuscent (Adam Levine for Women…I know, I know, but it gets great reviews!), niche (Annick Goutal Heure Exquise…well, niche-ish), and modern flanker (Guerlain Insolence Eau Glacée and Givenchy Eaudemoiselle Absolu d’Oranger).

The indie category was unrepresented, so initially I went to my indie go-to, Ava Luxe. Turns out her prices have gone up a lot—not that they’re not worth it, but shipping was also higher and thrift had found me after my aforementioned haulage—so I hit up Etsy.

I’d never bought perfume on Etsy before, or any other makeup, for that matter, so I found some recommendations and reviews off Reddit and the Fragrantica forums. Deconstructing Eden was the store that caught my imagination—and pricing was very fair, including the shipping cost from the US to Canada.

It took approximately two weeks for my order to arrive, which wasn’t bad at all, considering the shop’s stated turnaround time was 1–2 weeks and it had to cross the border.

My order arrived well-packaged and with a couple of freebies! Each vial is also shrinkwrapped in a stiff plastic, which is a bit difficult to remove but it does seem secure.

Deconstructing Eden, indie perfume, haulage October 2016

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New Release: NARS — Sarah Moon (Holiday 2016)

Collection: NARS 2016 Holiday, Sarah Moon

NARSHoliday 2016 collection is a collaboration with French photographer Sarah Moon.

The limited edition collection includes three new nail polishes, all in creamy shades of red:

  • La Dame en Noir, deep burgundy
  • Flon Flons, pink red
  • Never Tamed, geranium

The collection also consists of the usual assortment of eyeshadow duos, blushes, lipsticks, and more.

Happy shopping!

NARS Sarah Moon collection Nail Polishes, Holiday 2016


NARS Nail Polish is US$20 / CA$25 and 0.15 fl oz / 15 mL.

NARS Cosmetics was founded in 1994 by François Nars. The company was acquired by Tokyo, Japan-based Shiseido Group in 2000.


I Didn’t Win Something! (Essie Canada)


After getting this in my email yesterday, I just received this:

No big deal, since I already own half the shades in that collection!

I’m glad to be entered into the grand draw, but I hope it’s some kind of separate draw. It seems like it’d be kind of unfair to those who already made it into the grand draw.

Well, thanks anyway, Essie!

MAC Studio Nail Lacquer in Style Matters, swatch

MAC — Studio Nail Lacquer — Style Matters

Collection: MAC Spring 2016, Fashion Pack

I’m not often lured by MAC polishes, even after they revamped the formula so that it’s finally good. But now and then, they do release a color that I simply must have.

Style Matters, from one of their spring collections this year, is a stunning emerald green with a slightly teal undertone. And, despite what MAC think, it’s perfectly shimmery:

MAC Studio Nail Lacquer in Style Matters, label
(I’ve been dying to use the interrobang, by the way.)

[Incidentally, MAC appear to be discontinuing their core line of nail lacquer, because I don’t see most of the shades online anymore! There are several left, including Style Matters, and they’re listed at US$5.20 / CA$6, so hurry and pick them up if you want them! I’m tempted, but I probably wouldn’t have bought the remaining colors, apart from Style Matters, if they weren’t on sale—so I should pass.]

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I Won Something! (Essie Canada)


Well, I almost never win anything (though I suppose you can’t win if you don’t play, right?), but I just got this in my inbox:

Of course, I totally forgot that I entered this contest and I actually bought half the collection already (Loot the Booty, Tribal Text-Styles, and Viva Antigua!). I hope that the other half is in this prize…not that I’m ungrateful, as I’m so excited about this, and about the grand prize, too!

Thank you, Essie!



Throwback Thursday! The Body Shop — Ananya

I can’t remember whether I’ve previously done a Throwback Thursday that wasn’t a nail polish, but here is one for today!

Back in the late 90s, perfume oils from The Body Shop were all the rage, and White Musk was probably their most popular scent. I, however, loved Ananya, and purchased a bottle of the eau de toilette spray, since I’ve never been one for perfume oils.

I dug up Ananya recently and found that, to my surprise, it’s still holding up pretty well!

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