China Glaze — X (Nail Lacquer) Swatch & Review

China Glaze recently put out a collection called X, and they have annoyingly named each of the ten polishes in it with a Roman numeral from I to X. It’s a little hard to search for a name like “V”, y’know? And, bizarrely, two additional colours also seem to be included in this collection, but they are called China Rouge and Red Pearl instead of XI and XII. Egad.

Anyway, the only one of the XII I got is X. It’s a deep burgundy-brown shimmer that is about a shade lighter (and browner) than OPI’s recently released Midnight in Moscow. They’re similar, but I am going to be keeping both. Rating: 4/5.

Here are some comparison pics of China Glaze X, OPI Midnight in Moscow, and China Glaze Lubu Heels (all recent releases). Interestingly, all three look quite similar with just one coat: kind of a watery red-brown-black with shimmer. Second coats make all three of them nice and opaque, though.


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