Nicole by OPI — Cocoa à Go Go, v.2? (Nail Lacquer) Swatch & Review

After being discontinued for several years, the Nicole line of nail polishes by OPI have been spotted back in some Shoppers Drug Marts (a pharmacy) in Canada. Strangely enough, however, it appears that OPI has kept some of the original colour names, but changed the colours!

I just need to take a time-out here and shriek: “Stop doing that!!!” It is so freakin’ annoying. Is it that hard to come up with a new name for a new colour? Gah.

Okay, onto the review. I saw some newer collection Nicole polishes (with new names, thank goodness): Cozy Red Rosey, a gorgeous red, was one…there was also a shimmery gunmetal grey. There were two more, but they didn’t look as interesting. These new polishes were retailing for $10, which I sort of scoffed at. I went to the clearance basket where some of the older, new Nicoles were marked down to $5.99. Much better! I picked up Cocoa à Go Go, code NI 178, a warm, slightly pink-browned copper shimmer. Now, I went to look up the old version of Cocoa à Go Go, and it turns out the original was a light brown creme, with the same code. Hm. I think I like the new version a lot better. This polish applied very nicely and two coats was perfect. I don’t have anything quite like it, so I’m quite happy with this purchase. Rating: 4/5.


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