Halloween Collection from NYC/Sally Hansen, Swatch & Review

Sally Hansen and NYC, both owned by Del Labs, have released their Halloween collections in Canada. Unsurprisingly (and quite pointlessly) there are duplicate colours in both collections, so for the duped ones I wanted, I went with the less expensive and still reasonable quality NYC versions. However, there were also a few vampy SH ones that I wanted which were not duped in NYC.

Here are the NYC bottles I got, in their Frightful Fingers line, which is essentially packaged in the Long-Wearing Nail Enamel style. They have frightfully (sorry) unimaginative names.






These three are the vampy SH colours, in the New Lengths line:





There was also a creme white (SH), a pink shimmer (NYC), and some other boring colours, but these were the ones that stood out to me. Shame there aren’t more greens, but it’s a nice, well-priced Halloween set! Bwahahaha!


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