Zoya — Anastasia (Professional Lacquer) Swatch & Review

Whoops, I wore and loved L’Oréal’s Pro Manicure nail polish in Lady Luck last week and forgot to take a photo of it. It’s a beaut, trust me!

Today, I am wearing Anastasia by Zoya. The Zoyas I’ve tried all seem to have this slightly sticky texture which isn’t exactly bad…just different. It definitely takes a bit of getting used to. I do love the rich, highly-pigmented formula, though.

Anastasia is a bit of a chameleon. It’s a deep brown with rich gold metallic shimmer under warm indoor lighting, with hints of burgundy. In bright sunlight, however, it turns very burgundy with hints of brown and purple, and the same lush shimmer. Perfect for a sunny October day. Rating: 4/5.

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