OPI — Pretty at the Premiere & I’ve “Red” the Script (Nail Lacquer) Swatch & Review

The first two Holiday in Hollywood OPIs I swatched were Pretty at the Premiere and I’ve “Red” the Script.

Pretty at the Premiere is a very shimmery jewel-toned red. In normal lighting (both indoor and outdoor) it has a cool, pink cast to it. It does have a very subtle warm, copper tone at certain angles in warm indoor lighting, but overall this is not visible on the nail. I sort of wish this warm tone was more noticeable, but nevertheless this is a lovely red shimmer. It’s at the deep end of medium, but it’s not at all vampy. It applies beautifully, too. Rating: 4/5.

I’ve “Red” the Script is a slight misnomer, because this is more of a reddish fuchsia. I suppose the Red part of the name is in quotes, though! In terms of depth of colour and type of shimmer, this is very close to Pretty at the Premiere. The difference is that I’ve “Red” the Script is definately pinked, if more pink than red. Lovely all the same, though I prefer the warmer PatP on my warm skintone. Rating: 4/5.

Swatches of Wine Me & Dine Me, Who Are You Wearing, and Have You Seen My Limo? will most likely be posted this weekend!


One thought on “OPI — Pretty at the Premiere & I’ve “Red” the Script (Nail Lacquer) Swatch & Review

  1. I just wore Pretty at the Premiere for a wedding I was in on October 20th. I fell in love with it! The wedding was fall themed. Our dresses were chocolate brown. The color was gorgeous! I immediately went on line to purchase it! The color is a copper/burgandy/red with a beautiful shimmer!
    I highly reccommend it!!!


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