Sally Hansen — Luminous (Lacquer Shine) Swatch & Review

I recently picked up several Sally Hansen polishes in the new Lacquer Shine line. Luminous is the first one I’m wearing.

Luminous is a vivid warm red so loaded with shimmer that it’s nearly frosty/metallic. It’s certainly well-named! Luminous is highly reminiscent of OPI Red Like Roses and Apple of My Eye, but it’s a little warmer than RLR and not as orange-red as AoME. The shimmer is so strong that the polish practically glows in just a little bit of light. If it was sunny out today, I think I’d go blind looking at it. The overwhelming vibrancy is not really my cup of tea, but nevertheless this is a very pretty polish and it applied quite smoothly. Rating: 3.5/5.

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