A sampling of L’Oréal Pro Manicure nail polish

I recently scored a few of the L’Oréal Pro Manicure nail polishes, which I like very much. For drugstore polishes, they are moderately priced, very good quality, and come in pretty chic bottles. I haven’t been impressed with L’Oréal’s drugstore nail polish offerings in quite some time, so kudos to them for this new line.

These polishes are creamy, easy to apply, well-pigmented, and come in a great selection of colours, from pale sheers to deep, vamps. The brush deserves a mention, too: it’s slightly wide, but not so wide that it overwhelms smaller nailbeds.

Here is a small sampling of some of the polishes:

Stroke of Midnight is a blackened plum creme. It is a hair lighter and redder than OPI’s Lincoln Park After Dark. Rating: 4/5.

Drama Queen is really not my kind of colour, but pink lovers should adore it. It’s a vibrant, rosy pink with magenta shimmer. Rating: 3.5/5.

Lady Luck (my NOTD again!) is a new favourite red creme for me. But, I am such a sucker for red cremes! It’s a clean, medium red that is slightly warm. Rating: 4.5/5.

Mango-Get-Em is a very fun orange-coral creme that’s a little on the pastel side. Rating: 4/5.

And, finally, since my nails are perpetually stained from wearing reds and vampies, here are bottle photos of two lovely sheer shimmers.

I Pink I’m in Love is a sheer, baby pink shimmer with a subtle lavender sheen. It works surprisingly well on my warm-toned skin, especially as a pedicure—and I rarely wear pale colours on my toes. Rating: 4/5.

Satin Sheets is a semi-sheer neutral, whitened pink that has the prettiest satin-y shimmer. The finish is almost frosty, except it doesn’t streak and leave brush marks on the nail like many frosts do. Rating: 4/5.

One thought on “A sampling of L’Oréal Pro Manicure nail polish

  1. Wow…I’ll have to get one of these! I’ve been using OPI, but these look like they are worth a try. I love the colors! Thank you for posting them.


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