Halloween 2007: Greens

Here’s a selection of greens that are currently available for your Halloweening pleasure. I’ll have different holiday colours posted later today…

Have a ghastly day…for now…

CND – Okey
Dokey Artichokey

Green With Envy

118A Big Money

Key Lime Shine

Icing by Claire’s



And, of course, you can also go back to the Sally Hansen and NYC Halloween collections posted earlier in the month.

2 thoughts on “Halloween 2007: Greens

  1. Hi!! So glad I found your site. it’s really helpful especially with the pics. i don’t always agree with your rating but am glad that you aren’t afraid of rocking out those nails with unique colours. Just one question: Misa
    Green With Envy – how does it compare to Nyx Lime (no sparkle) nail polish?


  2. Hi there! Thanks for your nice comments! It’s always good to get feedback. Regarding your question, I have to say I have not seen NYX Lime in real life, so I’m afraid I can’t help you there. Unfortunately this isn’t a brand that’s readily available where I live! Cheers, FZ


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