Sally Hansen — 2007 Lacquer Shines

I snagged a lot of six Sally Hansen Lacquer Shines recently, and have only now gotten around to swatching all of them. I posted Luminous as a NOTD a while back; I’ll include it here again.

These are all variations on red, from pink to orange to vampy: all are shimmery to some extent.

Radiant is a very vibrant reddish-orange loaded with shimmer. It has a very satin-y, glowing finish and it was easy to apply. Rating: 4/5.

Here’s Luminous again. Click here for the original review.

On the other side of the red spectrum, we have Gleaming is a vibrant fuchsia loaded with shimmer. Like Radiant, it has a satin-y, glowing finish and it was easy to apply. Bit too pink for me, but it’s a lovely pink all the same. Rating: 3.5/5.

Brilliant is a lovely, medium-toned cranberry shimmer. It has the same satin finish as the others. Rating: 4/5.

Out of the six, Dazzling is the closest to a true red, though I still found it to be a touch warm. It’s very shimmery, medium-toned and a great winter holiday kind of red. Rating: 4/5.

The final polish is Glossy, which is quite different from the previous five polishes. Glossy is an ultra-blackened, slightly warm burgundy with fine burgundy shimmer. The shimmer is very pretty under bright indoor light, but nearly invisible outdoors. However, it’s quite overcast here at the moment; I imagine that under bright sunlight, the shimmer would be a little more apparent. Right now, an overcast day makes this polish look like a reddened black creme with the very faintest hint of a burgundy sheen. I think if you have OPI’s Midnight in Moscow, you don’t really need Glossy. Glossy is more blackened than MiM, though. Rating: 4/5.

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