Essie — Cabi-o-Lait & Pachinko Pale (Nail Polish) Swatch & Review

May 2015: These polishes have been re-swatched!

Collection: Cabi-o-Lait, 2002, GoGo (Winter)

Oh, Essie sheers…you never can tell if they’re going to streak or be smooth as glass.

Cabi-o-Lait belongs to the former group. It’s streaky, and even by the time I layered on the fourth coat, it still shows the slightest hint of a “bald spot” (you know, that thin spot right in front of the cuticle). I really dig the colour, a milky white with hints of beige and pink, but I just cannot seem to work with the formula. Rating: 2/5.

Pachinko Pale, on the other hand, is perfectly smooth and even with the very first coat. Unbelievable, but it is so! It’s very sheer and shiny, with no shimmer, but the colour is an odd light beige with a touch of peach. It reminds me of those nylons that are supposed to make your legs look more tan. It’s kind of, how shall I say it…pukey. With one coat, it is very sheer and mostly just makes your nails look shiny and a little less pink (my nailbeds are slightly pink-mauve, even though my skin is yellow-toned). Two to three coats is kind of interesting, however. This is very much a “nude” nail colour for me. It doesn’t get much more conservative than this. Rating: 3.5/5.

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