Avon — Midnight Plum & Warm Black (Midnight Hues) Swatch & Review

These two vampy cremes are from Avon’s 2007 winter collection, Midnight Hues.

Midnight Plum is a deep, blackened plum creme. With two coats, it is just a smidge lighter and warmer than OPI’s Lincoln Park After Dark, but with three coats, it is close to black. Unfortunately, while I prefer its colour with two coats, I like its coverage with three coats (a problem with most vampy cremes). Rating: 3.5/5.

Warm Black is slightly misnamed, in my opinion. It actually has a strong blue undertone, which seems to indicate that it’s cool-toned rather than warm-toned. In any case, with two to three coats, it basically just looks black, anyway. Only worth it if you don’t already have a black creme in your arsenal. Rating: 3.5/5.

3 thoughts on “Avon — Midnight Plum & Warm Black (Midnight Hues) Swatch & Review

  1. Thanks for showing the true color of Avon’s Midnight Plum. I hate going by the swatches in their little catalogs – they’re never true.


  2. Thank you for your Avon Warm Black pics and description. You really really helped me out since I’m so worried abt buying things from catalogs thats its hard to tell if its going to be exact or not. Thank you much girly.


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