Holiday polishes at the drugstore

I was at the drugstore today and saw these holiday collections…I just wanted to get these written down before I forgot them all!

Nicole by OPI. In November, I posted my photo and review of Merry Merlot!, which is from this collection. I’ve now had a better look and here are some of the others.

There’s a semi-sheer-looking sparkly white called On Nicole’s Wish List, which is like the white version of Merry Merlot! It’s lovely and very snow-ish, and I nearly picked it up today. The $10 price tag turned me off, though. There is also a gorgeous shimmery gold with bits of microglitter in it. The gold looks very neutral, neither too pale not too deep, and I had to tell myself “gold looks bad on you!” over and over again to prevent this polish from falling into my shopping basket. There’s a shimmery cherry red, very pretty but nothing new, and a cherry red creme…ditto on that one. Finally, there’s one called “Warmest Wishes” or something to that effect, but it’s a cool-toned pinked purple shimmer.

On to Rimmel, who appear to have two polishes out as a holiday LE. They are both in the new LycraWear 10 +Minerals line, in the small cylindrical bottles. One is a deep shimmery purple called Fantasy (purple lovers are gonna fall for this one!) and the other is a blackened sparkly blue called Electric. I picked this one up (on sale for CAD$3.29) and hope to have a photo of it posted by the weekend. Nice to see that Rimmel is following the trend for deep blues this season. I’m betting that Fantasy and Electric would look pretty cool layered over one another, too!

Sally Hansen, of course, could not be outdone. I saw a pretty fun looking display of the lower-end SH polish line, Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear, in plenty of cute colours. Even though this is the cheaper of the SH lines, I personally think it is the best in terms of formula. I really like the application of the Xtreme Wears. The packaging’s a little cheap, but hey, it’s a drugstore polish! Anyway, there were reds, pinks, a shimmery silver that leans to gunmetal, a white pearly shimmer that looks nearly opaque, a dark blue shimmer, and an awesome sparkly Christmas-green that I picked up. It’s called Groovy Green, and I also hope to have pics of it up soon. It cost me CAD$2.99, retail.

Finally, I almost ran into a large display for Revlon’s holiday colours. I didn’t see anything too exciting, and quite a few of them were just core colours being re-pimped (Cherries in the Snow was one, and it’s a huge fave of mine). However, I did notice one called Blackest Black. Curiously, this one looks like a plain black creme, but when I looked carefully, I saw blue sparklies! They’re kind of sparse, though, so I don’t know how noticeable they would be on the nail. It’s cool to see that Revlon tried to do something a little different from the standard black creme.


One thought on “Holiday polishes at the drugstore

  1. i hate the fact that nicole by o.p.i nail polishes are so expensive ๐Ÿ˜ฆ i really want to buy the green one but i still am thinking twice because it’s expensive. right now i am still looking for cheaper green nail polish before i buy the one from o.p.i ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


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