Maybelline — Bitten Plum (Salon Expert) Swatch & Review

I wore this one over the last few days, and it held up reasonably well with Poshé top coat over it. However, my gripe with this polish is that it applies very streakily and it is so easy to make a big mess with it! I didn’t like the brush and formula of the first Salon Expert polish I tried (Midnight Red), and Bitten Plum doesn’t change things.

I picked this one up in the US, where the Salon Expert bottles are squarish. The Canadian bottles are slimmer and kind of “eye” shaped from an aerial view.

Bitten Plum caught my eye because it’s a deep, vampy red but with a plum tone, and no brown. However, after getting it as even as I could with 3-4 coats, it was just like any other blackened red. Kind of boring, actually. It’s really not worth the trouble, especially since there are better colours like this to be found at the drugstore, Revlon’s Vixen in particular. Rating: 2/5.


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