Park Avenue — Persian Green (Nail Polish) Swatch & Review

Park Avenue nail polish recently showed up at my favorite online drugstore. I’d never heard of the brand before, and after a quick Google, I found that it appears to be a Belgian cosmetic brand sold “exclusively” at a Belgian store, Di. I guess it’s not that exclusive to Di anymore, now that I can get it in Canada.

A quick browse through Park Avenue’s swatches led me to pick a pretty dark green polish.

Persian Green is a deep, rich, jewel-toned teal with fine teal, plus a little sprinkling of blue and violet, shimmer. Application wasn’t great: the formula is a little too liquidy, and it seemed like the polish wasn’t going on well. However, after a generous second coat, the polish looked really great: smooth, even, and it even dried to a very glossy finish. I’m pleasantly surprised with the outcome, and I’d repurchase this polish in a unique shade.

Park Avenue Nail Polish in Persian Green, swatch

Park Avenue Nail Polish, 9 mL. MSRP $5.99 CA. Despite being a Belgian brand, the nail polish is made in France.


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