Gosh — Black Passion & Gasoline (Nail Lacquer) Swatch & Review

Gosh is a Danish brand that is sold at some Shoppers Drug Marts here in Canada. I recently picked up two of their polishes to try. I actually had bought one years ago, Purple something, I think, but I haven’t swatched it yet! (As an aside, I visited Copenhagen for the first time earlier this year. It’s a beautiful city and I loved the people and the food! But I didn’t see any nail polish! I wonder where these are sold in their home country. Next time I go, I’ll have to check out the makeup and Legoland.)

Black Passion is a super opaque black with silvery charcoal shimmer. Two coats was all that was needed.

Gosh Nail Lacquer in Black Passion, swatch

Gasoline looks really good in the bottle: purple with blue and pink shimmer. On the nail, however, it’s pretty sheer and is better as a top coat. It took three coats to get it to this level of semi-opaque pink shimmer in the photo. The shimmer is very pretty, though!

Gosh Nail Lacquer in Gasoline, swatch

At $7 CA, these little polishes are well worth picking up if you spot a color you like. The formula is nice and applies well. I really like the little cylindrical bottles, too. A minor drawback is that they only contain 8 mL of product (a more standard nail polish size is 13-15 mL).

Gosh Nail Lacquer (English site), 0.3 fl. oz. / 8 mL. MSRP 59.95 DKK / $7 CA. Gosh nail lacquers are formaldehyde free and made in the EU • Denmark.


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