Sale Alert — Inglot Canada (March 6–8, 2015, Online Only)

Inglot Canada (not affiliated) is having a sale this weekend from March 6–8. With discount code LOVEINGLOT, receive 20% off your purchase. Shipping seems to run about CA$11.95, with free shipping once you spend $100.

I’ve tried Inglot nail polish once (very nice!) back during their first stint in Canada, and now that they have returned for a second launch, I stopped into their local store and picked up a lipstick, which I’ll review soon.

I’ve heard great things about their eyeshadows and their Freedom System palettes. It’s a good time to try out their products if you don’t have a store near you, or if you plan on spending over CA$60 or so. For me, it makes more sense to just go to the store again. I really wanted to try their eyeshadows, but the huge variety on display meant I didn’t have the time to select anything!

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