Shopping for Canadians — MAC is now online at Hudson’s Bay

Despite the many, many issues I have had with the revamped online store for Hudson’s Bay and their overall very poor website customer service* (pretty much nonexistent), I am kind of glad that MAC Cosmetics is now available for purchase on their site. Mostly, this is because I can use Ebates and Ebates Canada (my referral links) and collect HBC Reward Points for my MAC purchases, now.

Of course, the pan refills and other products that are only available at the freestanding Pro stores are not available. Nail polishes should be, but for some reason, they only have the limited edition Toledo polishes up at the moment (not affiliated).

* While their online service leaves a great deal to be desired, they have always been very good to me in store, so I have no complaints there. I imagine they really need to up their game overall, since Nordstrom is coming!

Happy shopping 🙂

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