Haulage! Lise Watier Spring Flash Sale

I was saving a $30 gift code that I had received from Canadian brand Lise Watier for filling out a survey, and I was so excited to see an email from them today saying they are having their online Spring Flash Sale (not affiliated) this weekend, March 20–22.

Lise Watier Spring Flash Sale 2015
Image: lisewatier.com

Rouge Fondant Suprême in Michelle was already in my shopping cart (I would have picked it up with my Shoppers Optimum points instead of Smashbox Fig, but there was no Lise Watier counter at the SDM I went to). I have only shopped one flash sale at Lise Watier before, and I have to say this one is better than the last! They had a couple items from last fall/winter’s collection that I had been eyeballing, yay! And seriously, really marked down.

From their email:

The spring flash sale is valid from March 20th, 2015, to Mars 22nd, 2015, on lisewatier.com only. Quantities are limited and available while supplies last. Products on sale are discontinued; some may have slightly damaged packaging. It is a final sale no refund, no exchange will be accepted. When you receive the product, if it is damaged, please contact Lise Watier customer service within 7 days from the date of the delivery.

Unfortunately, I guess their site must have been kind of hammered, because the site was soooooo slow. Finally, after much waiting and multitasking, I finally checked out with:

  • Rouge Fondant Suprême in Michelle (this was not on sale)
  • Féline Velvet Lip Lacquer in Rouge
  • Aurora Eyeshadow Palette
  • Quatuor Féline Eyeshadow Palette
  • Summer Sunset Eyeshadow Palette – Tropical
  • Light Cap Nail Lacquer in Chic Tartan
  • Light Cap Nail Lacquer in Coral Paradise
  • Light Cap Nail Lacquer in Diva
  • Light Cap Nail Lacquer in Dragon Fruit
  • Light Cap Nail Lacquer in Fairy Taupe
  • Light Cap Nail Lacquer in Glamour
  • Light Cap Nail Lacquer in Pink Plaid
  • Light Cap Nail Lacquer in Power Grey
  • Light Cap Nail Lacquer in Rose Eden
  • Light Cap Nail Lacquer in Shiraz
  • Light Cap Nail Lacquer in Spotlight
  • Light Cap Nail Lacquer in Sundara

Yep, that’s a lot of nail polish! I got every one that I didn’t already have, except for Stiletto, which just looked like a plain red cream (and I have those coming out my ears).

The email I got from Lise Watier said that free shipping in Canada is available after you spend $125 (plus you get a 6-piece GWP!). However, I didn’t spend that much ($79 subtotal) and somehow I got free shipping. YMMV.

Happy shopping! I am so excited to receive my goodies, and can’t wait to swatch all the polishes!

2 thoughts on “Haulage! Lise Watier Spring Flash Sale

  1. I would be all over this flash sale if I wasn’t on a No Buy! Last time I bought from Lise Watier was their Boxing week sale 2013, but amazing deals. You picked up some great stuff, I really like the Fondant Supreme lipstick texture and the nail polish quality is good, I have a few. And the light cap nail polishes come in handy if you’re ever painting your nails during a power outage lol.


    • Ooh, I can’t do No Buys 🙂 Always picking up random nail polishes somewhere. Good luck with yours! Thanks for the feedback on LW. I haven’t tried the lipsticks before, so I am glad to hear it’s good. The Light Cap polishes are such a gimmick, right? “Oh no, the power is out! Where are the flashlights and candles?” “I don’t know, but my nail polish stash is right here!” “Huzzah!”


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