Zoya — Daisy (Professional Lacquer) Swatch & Review

Zoya Professional Lacquer in Daisy

Collection: Zoya 2015 Spring, Delight

I picked up this sunny shade last week at Winners. Honestly, I don’t actually wear yellow nail polish very often (many look quite horrid on me), but it’s just hard for me to resist trying to find one that I will love. Yellow is a fun color!

Daisy is described by Zoya as a “refreshing lemon meringue yellow metallic with an energizing turquoise metallic flash”. I find it to be more of a fine shimmer than actual metallic, which is all good by me, but the icy aqua flash is a bit subtle for my taste. It’s pretty hard to see the turquoise iridescence indoors, and it’s there but not terribly flashy in sunlight. I expected more BAM, Zoya!

I couldn’t get the aqua flash to show up in the regular photo, so I’ve included a darker, angled one to show it.

Zoya Professional Lacquer in Daisy, swatch

Zoya Professional Lacquer in Daisy, swatch with iridescence

Nevertheless, it’s a pretty iced lemon shade for summer and I think I’ll especially enjoy it as a pedi. Application was reasonably good considering this has a bit of that pastel streakiness going on. I needed three coats to even everything out, but it wasn’t at all troublesome to do.

Zoya Professional Lacquer retails for US$9 and is 0.5 US fl oz / 15 mL. Zoya nail polishes are free of toluene, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate (DBP) and camphor, and are made in the USA.

Zoya is part of Art of Beauty, a privately held company based in Cleveland, OH, USA.


2 thoughts on “Zoya — Daisy (Professional Lacquer) Swatch & Review

  1. Neat shade! I have just ONE legit yellow nail polish in my stash, and the only reason why I bought it was being it was on clearance (NYX Banana – straight up yellow creme shade). I like this peekaboo aqua shimmer though, I can see a hint of it in the 2nd photo. This would be super cute on the toes with a tan!

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    • Yellows are so much fun! Just wish I could pull off a lot of them. Are the NYX polishes any good? I haven’t tried any of the newer ones in square bottles.


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