Essie — Jiggle Hi, Jiggle Lo (Nail Polish) Swatch & Review

Essie Nail Polish in Jiggle Hi Jiggle Lo

Collection: Essie Winter 2014

Notwithstanding the terrible, terrible name, Jiggle Hi, Jiggle Lo (hereafter JHJL) is the best metallic I’ve tried in a long time.

I recently picked up the mini for CA$2.49 (hard to resist the minis at low prices!) and I’m very slightly tempted to go looking for the full-sized version!

JHJL is described by Essie as a “molten gold”. To me, it’s more of a cross between gold and silver, resulting in a quite unique color. Its finish is even a bit different, as the shimmer is really fine, leaving the finish metallic, yet smooth and glowy. I generally don’t like metallics that are too in-your-face and chrome-like. JHJL, to me, has a perfect metallic finish, and its mix of two metal tones makes it very easy to pair with other colors.

Application was great, as usual for Essie. Two coats provided full opacity and even coverage.

Essie Nail Polish in Jiggle Hi Jiggle Lo, swatch

Essie Nail Polish retails for US$8.50 / CA$9.99–$10.99 and is 0.46 US fl oz / 13.5 mL. I purchased my mini (0.16 US fl oz / 5 mL) for CA$2.49. The polish is free of toluene, formaldehyde, and dibutyl phthalate (DBP). It is made in the USA.

Essie Cosmetics, founded in 1981, is based in Westfield NJ, USA. In 2010, Essie was acquired by the L’Oréal Group.


12 thoughts on “Essie — Jiggle Hi, Jiggle Lo (Nail Polish) Swatch & Review

  1. This shade is straight up jazz hands and tap shoes. The metallic finish on this reminds me of those flakey metallics, like OPI Designer de better and the like.
    I have more than once purchased the full size polish after trying out the minis. I actually really dislike minis because of the miniscule brush but it’s low committment for shades that are a bit “out there” for me. Thanks for swatching this beauty!

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    • Guess I should check out some of those OPIs! I have avoided them for some time and am slowly getting back into them.

      Have you tried the Essie minis? The brushes are the same size as the ones in the full size bottles! (The plastic rod part is shorter, of course.) Essie minis >>> OPI minis!


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