Blog Awards: Beautiful Blogger

Beautiful Blogger Award

Thanks to the awesome Jaanethough for nominating my blog for the Beautiful Blogger Award! She’s a Singapore-based blogger focused on cruelty-free beauty—do go check out her blog! 🙂

7 Facts About Me:

I prefer…

  1. …winter to summer.
  2. …spiders to moths.
  3. …trains to planes.
  4. …action movies to rom-coms.
  5. The Americans to American Idol.
  6. …Coke to Pepsi. (But RC Cola >>> all!)
  7. …vanilla to chocolate.

I’ve recently enjoyed reading the following 7 bloggers, so I’m nominating them for this award!

Thanks again, Jaanethough!

7 thoughts on “Blog Awards: Beautiful Blogger

    • Yeah, the last one I did seemed a bit lengthy!

      I actually have not had RC Cola in many years. We used to live by this little convenience store that stocked it on occasion. Even though we grew up in very different places, my husband and I both have fond memories of having RC Cola as kids (probably because it was cheaper than Coke and Pepsi!), so out of nostalgia, we bought it and it was just as good as we remembered. We’ve since moved a couple of times and we’re not even sure if that convenience store is even there anymore. Haven’t stumbled upon Royal Crown Cola since. 😦

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