Article: “A mix of luck, polish” (LA Times)

I’d previously read something about the preponderance of Vietnamese-Americans in the nail salon business, but I hadn’t come across the role of actress Tippi Hedren (The Birds) in it, as well.

Here is a fascinating read on a part of nail polish history!

The story of how the Vietnamese fell into the nail industry is one of pure chance — of how 20 women who fled their war-torn country happened to meet a Hollywood starlet with beautiful nails.

A mix of luck, polish – latimes

3 thoughts on “Article: “A mix of luck, polish” (LA Times)

  1. I read this article! I think it was linked on MUA. Fascinating, huh? I was always curious WHY a particular group of people gravitate toward a certain profession – it just seems like it’s passed down from generation to generation and they’ve now cornered the market!
    (I always feel that they’re talking smack about me whenever I’m at the salon though, lol!)

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    • It’s a really interesting article!

      LOL @ the smack talk (reminds me of that Seinfeld ep, except I think it was a Korean salon). I have to admit, I have never gotten my nails done at a salon. ๐Ÿ˜€ I’d love the idea of getting a pedi, but I have a silly thing about strangers touching me, esp my feet.

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      • I don’t go to salons often either, I don’t feel like they do as thorough of a job as I can do! Also, I always get this urge to kick when someone touches my feet!
        Lol at Seinfeld episode – there’s honestly a Seinfeld episode for everything!

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