Milani Color Statement Lipstick in Plumrose

Milani — Plumrose (Color Statement Lipstick) Swatch & Review

I’ve heard all the gushing over Milani’s revamped cosmetics line (they most recently did this around 2013, I think), and while I already love the Baked Blushes, I still hadn’t tried their well-reviewed Color Statement Lipsticks.

Milani occasionally goes on sale at, the only source of Milani that is currently easily accessible to me. When that happened again recently, I picked up yet another Milani blush (one of the new Rose Blushes!) and Color Statement Lipstick in Plumrose.

As Milani is a fairly inexpensive drugstore line, I certainly do not expect wonders from their packaging. The Color Statement Lipstick comes in a shiny gold rectangular tube with mostly rounded edges. The bottom end is colored to indicate the lipstick shade, which is handy. Overall, while the tube functions well, I think it’s a bit cheap looking, and would have preferred a non-metallic and less highly mirrored finish.

Milani Color Statement Lipstick in Plumrose

From Milani:

Bellissimo! You know how some (lesser) lipsticks look one way in the store, and then completely different in your bathroom mirror? Color Statement is the antithesis of that. A super-luxe, grown-up girl lipstick, it delivers true instant colour in a single swipe. Laced with vitamins A and C to hydrate and nourish, this collection is all about options: Corals and Reds, Orchids and Plums, Nudes, and Pinks. Trust us, you’ll want an entire wardrobe.

I chose Plumrose as I’d been gravitating to wearable berry and plummy tones in my lipstick over the last year. It’s a midtoned reddened berry cream with a reasonable amount of vibrancy, making it perfectly wearable day or night.

Now, I’m not generally too fussed about scented makeup. In fact, I tend to like it in skincare (I know, BAD!) and haircare, and in cosmetics, it doesn’t usually affect me as I find the fragrance seems to go away not long after application. However, in this case, it’s kind of going to prevent me from buying any more of these lipsticks.

It smells like super-artificial watermelon candy. Even after applying the lipstick. For maybe five minutes or so. Errrr no likey.

meme, what if you smell really bad when you think that you smell good

Luckily for me, I don’t love the lipstick formula, either. The good news is pigmentation is very good, and it’s fully opaque with one stroke. Bad news is, despite applying smoothly, it also feels slightly dry and tacky. I also find that I need to use a lipliner otherwise it feathers at the edges. And yet, despite the slightly drying nature of the formula, it didn’t last well through a light meal.

I won’t be buying more of these (disappointing, as their shade Chocolate Berries looked really promising, but Well didn’t carry it). If the formula works for you, you’re lucky, because Milani’s color range is great!

Milani Color Statement Lipstick in Plumrose, swatch

Milani Color Statement Lipstick in Plumrose, ingredients

Milani Color Statement Lipstick is US$5.99 / CA$7.99 (; perhaps it is different at other stores) and 0.14 oz / 3.97 g. The company is cruelty-free.

Milani Cosmetics is based in Los Angeles, CA, USA.

4 thoughts on “Milani — Plumrose (Color Statement Lipstick) Swatch & Review

  1. I was going to ask where you got your hands on Milani – but then you mentioned – ah yes. I have ordered Milani off there before. I keep forgetting that they stock it. I’ve come across random Sears and Rexalls that stock Milani too – so odd.
    The shade is really pretty but too bad about the smell and performance.
    Yeah, not a fan of this lipstick tube design either. Screams 80’s.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sears! How weird.

      Yeah, I was disappointed abouth the overall performance. Wanted to like this one.

      My Rexall doesn’t stock Milani 😦 Just as well; I’m pretty much all stocked up with the Milani I want.

      Liked by 1 person

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