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StyledWithJoy has tagged me again! (Thanks chica!) This time it’s the Beauty Tools Tag.



  • Tag up to 5 people & let them know you tagged them.
  • List what you want. If you got three things that are unbelievable or twenty… Don’t care, just share.
  • Cannot be actual makeup, skin care, or hair care products – just the tools/gadgets you use.


Three of My Favorite Beauty Tools

Essie — The Crystal File.

Cannot do without this. Other glass files I’ve tried just do not compare.

Essie The Crystal File

Shiseido — The Skincare Cleansing Massage Brush.

I don’t use this too often, but it works well!

Shiseido The Skincare Cleansing Massage Brush

Stila — #7 Precision Crease Brush.

I have had two of these for many years, and they have held up amazingly well. I use at least one of them every day.

Stila #7 Precision Crease Brush


Now, I’m tagging these three bloggers:


Let’s see those beauty tools!

9 thoughts on “Beauty Tools Tag

  1. I’ve never tried the Essie crystal file. Would you say it’s a fine grit or a more course grit? My favourite is OPI’s – it’s very effective.
    I have that Shiseido brush and I feel like it does nothing. Not. A. THING. I keep it around to remind myself to stop spending money on foolish tools. lol
    Oooh I’ve never paid any attention to Stila’s brushes. Actually, Stila is one of those brands that I overlook a lot. I only have a few of their eye shadows, and I’ve tried their liquid liner.

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    • All the glass files I’ve tried have been pretty similar in terms of grit – on the fine side. But Essie’s just seems smoother, plus I much prefer the shape and double-sidedness of the file. I think I have OPI’s as a backup but I haven’t tried it. I would think it’s as good as the Essie’s, right? I tried some other brands like SwissCo and either didn’t like the feel, the shape of the point, or they were single-side (what a gyp).

      Hehehe! I like the Shiseido brush and especially the stand. LOL. And it’s kinda sparkly, too.

      I have one or two other Stila brushes, and really I just like #7. Never a fan of their blushes, lip stuff, etc. I loooove their eyeshadow, though. I was so sad when they mass-discontinued a bunch of their older shadows. Now they just have some boring neutrals. 😀 And I loved their metal mirrored 4-pans.


  2. Oh yes, that Shiseido brush has a pearlescence to it, haha, sucker!
    Oh I just remembered that I had the Stila Smokey Eye Palette that TALKED when you press a button (a Winners find lol):

    I gave it away to a friend who really wanted eye shadows for smokey eyes – it was a decent quality, I especially liked the smokey taupe lid shade!

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