New Release: Inglot — O2M Breathable Nail Enamel — Soft Matte Collection

Collection: Inglot, O2M Soft Matte

Inglot O2M Breathable Nail Enamel, Soft Matte Collection (New Release)

Inglot has just released a new collection of Soft Matte finish shades in their existing O2M Breathable Nail Enamel line. This product is supposed to allow air and water to permeate the dried polish and reach the nail.

Apparently, this quality has made the polish popular amongst Muslim women:

While nothing in the Quran references nail polish explicitly, Muslims believe it’s important that water make contact with the nail during a washing ritual ahead of praying.

It’s great that Muslim women now have a nail polish option!

Inglot’s O2M Soft Matte collection comes in 8 pastel, matte-finish shades.


9 thoughts on “New Release: Inglot — O2M Breathable Nail Enamel — Soft Matte Collection

  1. These are SO expensive though! $16 for 11ml. I bought one and I honestly can’t tell the difference… I only bought it because it was 10% for Black Friday. I may try Inglot’s regular nail polishes which are $12 and more colour options.
    There’s also a lot of controversy about how breathable it is and how to interpret the religious applications (and you must use the matching base / top coat or else it renders the breathable factor useless) … but I’m glad it’s an option when there was none before. 🙂

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    • Ooh that is pricey! I have one of the regular nail polishes, and it’s nice.

      I agree, it would depend on interpretation. The first time I heard about this a couple years back, I wondered if it would be enough that water would touch the underside of the tip of the nail (that isn’t attached to the finger). I guess some don’t think so. Or perhaps the permeability takes too long to occur.

      It’s good that you couldn’t tell the difference! I guess that means it works well.

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