A-England Nail Lacquer in King Arthur

A England — King Arthur (Nail Varnish) Swatch & Review

Collection: A-England, The Mythicals

While I fell head over heels in love with my first A-England, I am a little less enamored of my second. Not that it isn’t a beautiful polish, but it just didn’t live up to the incredibly high standard set by Saint George.

I’ll be honest: I would not have purchased King Arthur (but for its name), yet it still ends up being the best metallic grey polish I have.

A-England Nail Lacquer in King Arthur, swatch

The finish on King Arthur is super smooth, and the metallic shimmer super fine. There are very minimal frosty streaks in this chainmail grey. The shimmer has a touch of icy blue and the grey itself leans cool and steely.

I did need to use three coats for full opacity, however. The formula is a little watery and sad compared with the luscious, one-coat formula of Saint George. It gets docked a point for this, but overall, it’s still a gorgeous color that applies smoothly.

I ordered Crown of Thistles along with King Arthur, so I will be reviewing that later this week. I hope it turns out closer to a one-coater!

A-England Nail Lacquer in King Arthur, label

Incidentally, the other two A-Englands I have are 11 mL, but for some reason, King Arthur is 13 mL (and I’m sure 0.4 fl oz, not 4 fl oz as the label states, heh!). The bottles appear to be the same size, so I am not sure what accounts for the discrepancy in volume.

A-England Nail Lacquer is 0.39 fl oz / 11 mL (usually?) and retails for £9 / US$10 / CA$12.50. In Canada, you can purchase it at Harlow & Co. or Nail Polish Canada (which is where I bought mine). The polish is free of toluene, formaldehyde, and dibutyl phthalate (DBP). The company is cruelty-free.

A-England is based in London, England.


6 thoughts on “A England — King Arthur (Nail Varnish) Swatch & Review

  1. I love A England polishes! I find that the some of shimmery shades often need more than one coat, but the solid ones (like Camelot) are great with just one coat. I currently have: Holy Grail, Jane Eyre, Saint George, Camelot, Ascalon and Briar Rose.

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  2. This is stunning! The results are worth the 3 coater… although I don’t wear them often, I really gravitate toward shimmery steel type of colours
    Interesting about the 2ml variance… it’s a magical bottle!

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