A-England Nail Polish in Crown of Thistles

A England — Crown of Thistles (Nail Varnish)

Collection: A-England, Elizabeth & Mary

In last week’s review of A-England’s King Arthur (I bought them together), I mentioned my disappointment that the polish wasn’t a near-OCW (one coat wonder) like my first polish from the brand, Saint George. Well, it turns out that it might just be the holographic polishes that are nearly OCWs. Saint George and today’s polish, Crown of Thistles are both holographic and just about full-coverage with one coat, whereas King Arthur is a shimmer/metallic which requires 2–3 coats.

(As an aside, I just noted that A-England refers to their product as “nail polish” on their Twitter—though, curiously, not on their webstore or on the product label—so I’m updating the product name.)

Crown of Thistles is a holographic, midtone pinked purple. In sunlight/halogen light, it has a gorgeous rainbow holographic effect.

A-England Nail Polish in Crown of Thistles, swatch

As with Saint George, the finish on Crown of Thistles is very smooth, with fine holographic shimmer. Application is nearly perfect. You could definitely get away with just one coat, but I did two for the swatch to get a little extra depth.

This photo under different lighting shows the holographic shimmer a little better:
A-England Nail Polish in Crown of Thistles, swatch

A-England Nail Polish in Crown of Thistles, label

A-England Nail Lacquer is 0.39 fl oz / 11 mL (usually?) and retails for £9 / US$10 / CA$12.50. In Canada, you can purchase it at Harlow & Co. or Nail Polish Canada (which is where I bought mine). The polish is free of toluene, formaldehyde, and dibutyl phthalate (DBP). The company is cruelty-free.

A-England is based in London, England.


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