Sale Alert: $15 off a $75 Purchase at MAC (Canada Only)

Canadians, don’t forget‘s offer of $15 off a $75 purchase! Use the code MACFAN1. Shipping is free when you spend over $65 (this worked for me when only my pre-discount total was over $75). Offer expires July 2, 2015.

EDIT: There is a US deal, too! Same code MACFAN1, get $10 off a $50 purchase.

EDIT: You can use the code more than once!

MAC has revamped their website. It has a white background now, and the swatches are bigger and better. Yet, I find it a massive pain to browse all the colors available for each product, the images are not especially Pinterest-friendly, and the site demands that I log in every 20 minutes even when I’m active on it. Oh well.

Also, log in via I was unable to log in via, which is how it used to work (and it rarely remembered my country and currency properly, either!).

I picked up:

  • 184 Duo Fibre Fan Brush
  • Extra Dimension Eye Shadow in Legendary Lure
  • Pro Palette Eyeshadow Refill Pan in Blanc Type
  • Pro Palette Eyeshadow Refill Pan in Patina

Are you picking up any goodies during this sale?

19 thoughts on “Sale Alert: $15 off a $75 Purchase at MAC (Canada Only)

  1. I prefer the new site navigation better, but I agree, to view the full colour selection is a PITA.
    I kind of like having the .ca now instead of going to .com and hoping the cookie saved and recognizes me as a Canadian.
    Ooooh I hope you like Patina! It’s one of my favourites.
    Ugh… I’m SO tempted to take advantage of this deal. I mean, I have never ever seen MAC offer a price discount before! It’s unprecedented.
    I want: 221 mini blending brush $28.50, Lightful C Marine-Bright Softening Lotion $42 (just saw this is out of stock, boo)… hmm then maybe the Mineralize Timecheck Lotion $53


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