Throwback Thursday! OPI — Jasper Jade (Nail Lacquer) Swatch & Review

Collection: OPI 1996 Fall/Winter, Rocky Mountain

By request, today’s Throwback Thursday is Jasper Jade from 1996. Guys, this is almost 20 years old. 😯

(Should you want to see a swatch of any older polish, just leave a comment. If I have it, I’ll add it to the Throwback Thursday queue!)

It’s a deep, pine green shimmer. It does look a bit darker on the nail than in the bottle, and loses some of the teal tone it had. The shimmer is very fine and subtle.

I find my old OPIs have held up brilliantly. Jasper Jade’s formula is a little thin (I may have added nail polish thinner at some point) and while it was OK with two coats, I liked it best with three thin coats.

I feel like Jasper Jade was really unique back in the day, when not many nail polish brands produced colors that weren’t varying shades of red, pink, purple and beige. Nowadays, you can find several options that, while not identical, will come close to Jasper Jade. Nevertheless, Jasper Jade remains a bit special to me (it was one of the earliest polishes I ever got) and I can’t think of a current, super close dupe off the top of my head. A green shimmer over a black undercoat might achieve a similar look, though. If OPI was ever to do another re-release of old polish shades, I’m sure Jasper Jade would be at the top of my request list!

OPI Nail Lacquer in Jasper Jade, swatchOPI Nail Lacquer in Jasper Jade, label

OPI Nail Lacquer retails for about US$9.50 / higher in CA$ (I see a range of prices) and is 0.5 US fl oz / 15 mL. OPI nail polishes are currently free of toluene, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate (DBP) and camphor. (Since this is an older polish, this is not 3-Free.) They are made in the USA.

OPI has been owned by global beauty company Coty Inc. since 2010.


27 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday! OPI — Jasper Jade (Nail Lacquer) Swatch & Review

    • Also, a good tip is to use nail polish remover to clean off any dried up nail polish around the nail polish opening (the screw threads?) so that when you close the caps, it forms a super tight seal. 🙂

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      • That is a really great tip! I also like to douse a cotton swab with remover and clean inside the caps, too. But for some reason, certain cap styles (cough China Glaze, old school UD cough) just don’t seal well, even when pristine.

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  1. 1996 – wow! I didn’t even have spending money for an OPI nail polish back then. 😛
    I can’t believe that was almost 20 yrs ago… that’s insane.
    This shade is gorgeous! And it’s one of the old OPIs with all the nasty chemicals, so awesome. 🙂

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  2. I don’t know how I missed this post back in June, but OMG! It is so nice to see Jasper Jade in action – one of my ALL TIME FAVORITES! Thanks for sharing! I’d love to see them rerelease this in all of its green glory!

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      • The color looks just as gorgeous as I remember!!! I was just looking on eBay to see if I could score a bottle, but I’m nervous to buy because I’ve read about fake OPIs floating around! Decisions decisions! This polish has such a cult following and I need it again!!!


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