Encouraging Thunder Award

Encouraging Thunder Award

Big thanks to Chicago-based lifestyle blogger Katina Bobina for nominating me for the Encouraging Thunder Award! She posts awesome stuff I need to try, like this Nutella Banana Sushi (WHAT?!).

The Rules

  • Post it on your blog.
  • Add the Encouraging Thunder logo.
  • Grant other bloggers the award.
  • Mention your purpose in blogging.
  • Thank the person who nominated you.

Why Do I Blog?
I love nail polish and have been swatching it, on-and-off, since around 2006 or 2007. Blogging is a nice platform for me to share my pics and thoughts with likeminded nail polish fans. I have absolutely loved chatting to other bloggers about all things beauty-related and more!

It also encourages me to do a bit of writing almost every day. I am not the most scheduled person, so it is a nice challenge to have.

I Am Nominating…
Any new-ish blogger who would like to share this Award! Doo eet!


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