Bond No. 9 Bryant Park eau de parfum (50 mL)

Bond No. 9 — Bryant Park EDP Swatch & Review

I ought to keep Bryant Park out on my desk to remind myself not to impulse-buy expensive things. To be fair, sometimes it works out—but when it doesn’t, I have a tendency to push it out of my mind, and I go on to make the same mistake again.

Bryant Park was one of those fragrances that I sniffed once at a perfume counter, thought was just lovely, and then bought it. Thankfully, I bought it online about 50% off, but it was still pricy enough to make me wince now that I have decided that I don’t particularly like it.

Now, I still can’t decide whether or not I like Bond No. 9’s bottles. They’re simultaneously cool and godawful in their ostentation.

Bond No. 9 perfume bottle design

Bryant Park has one of the less gaudy bottle designs, but it still straddles the line between being kinda mod and looking like it was designed by someone who just started to learn Adobe Illustrator. Also, and this is true of all Bond No. 9 bottles, since they share the same bottle shape, the bottle is fairly wide and flat, so it topples quite easily.

The only positive I can really give the bottle is that it’s fully opaque. While I love the look of a well-designed glass bottle, it’s just functional for a perfume bottle to be opaque, to block light from harming the juice inside. What’s the use of having a beautiful perfume bottle if you can’t leave it on your dresser, right?

As for the fragrance, Bryant Park’s notes are supposed to include lily-of-the-valley, rhubarb, pink pepper, rose, patchouli, raspberry, and amber. Honestly, all I get is “raspberry”, a little pink pepper, and synthetic rose. While I like a strawberry-rhubarb pie, I’m not sure I can pick out exactly what the rhubarb smells like. And, while I love vintage Diorissimo, queen of lily-of-the-valley fragrances, I don’t get that flower here at all. Raspberry’s in quotes, because it’s like the sweet, artificial flavoring type of raspberry. The whole composition feels a little chilly, synthetic and plasticky to me.

I have no idea how I even liked this fragrance the first time I sampled it, but I’ve worn it on and off for several years now, so I think I can safely say I don’t like it on me. At best, I think it’d be a decent scent for a shampoo. It really doesn’t smell expensive, despite its price tag. One nice aspect of it—which is bad if you actually like the fragrance—is that despite being an eau de parfum, it doesn’t last long on me. I might get an hour or two max, and that’s with three to four sprays (way more than I like to use with most fragrances).

So why do I keep wearing it? A) To punish myself for said impulse-buy and B) for some reason, I get complimented on this one. Yup, other people seem to like it on me. However, there is a distinct possibility that I get complimented on it because I use more sprays of it, and thus people can actually smell it. I like to wear my fragrances close to the body!

I have since forced myself to sample more expensive perfumes several times before taking the plunge. It’s worked out well, as I haven’t had any pricier duds for a couple of years now. (I’ll still “blind”-buy cheapies, though. It’s a small thrill!)

Do you have any purchases that you regret?

Bond No. 9 Bryant Park eau de parfum is $200 for 50 mL (the price has gone up from $185 since I bought it several years ago). It is made in the USA. Bryant Park launched in 2007 and was composed by Michel Almairac (Grès Cabaret, Chloé 2008, Bottega Veneta).


7 thoughts on “Bond No. 9 — Bryant Park EDP Swatch & Review

  1. Jeez, woman! When you said it was expensive, I thought you meant maybe $100, and reduced to $50, which left me thinking “ok, that’s pretty bad, but at least you learned a lesson and you can bounce back from that a bit…” I’m dying over here!

    I loved this post though, very well written. Got to agree with you on the overexcited Adobe Illustrator newbie comment, though – I kind of like the NYC skyscraper one, but they’re all just a little… tacky… I can’t believe it smells so cheap, though. =( What a downer. At least other people like it on you! I getcha though, I wear perfume whenever I go out, a spray down my shirt, front and back, and a spritz in my hair, and no one ever notices that I wear perfume. I don’t wanna choke anyone is all… whatever happened to subtlety? v_v

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    • Hahaha! Let me tell you, I didn’t do too much shopping for a while after that purchase. Luckily I have a “fun” budget that I stick to, so it’s really just the opportunity cost that annoys me.

      ITA subtlety with fragrance is the way I like to roll. I wear it for me, not for everybody within three city blocks 😀

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  2. I like the multicoloured bottle and the black and white bottle but I hate spending money on things I don’t use. The only perfume I buy at the moment is Sarah Jessica Parker NYC because I love the summer scent and the bottle is mega cute. I think it has been discontinued. I know celebrity perfumes have a tacky reputation but that kind of makes them affordable (for me) too. I used to have EL Hypnose which smells AMAZING but it’s ridiculously expensive (when considering my budget) for something I just spritz on myself.

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    • I loved the SJP perfumes I’ve sniffed! Covet is my fave and I have it. (Also d/c) No shame in celeb fragrances, IMO…unless it’s like, Justin Bieber or someone like that. LOL

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