Post a Quote Challenge: Day 1

Stashmatters has tagged me to do the Post a Quote Challenge!

The rules are simple: post a quote each day for three days, and tag another blogger to do it each day.

First, I am tagging: The Sock Mistress!

I’m not really into motivational quotes and the like, so I’ll just pick a few of my favorite lines from movies and TV.

You wouldn’t recognise a subtle plan
if it painted itself purple and danced naked
on top of a harpsichord, singing,
“Subtle plans are here again!”

Blackadder’s Christmas Carol

4 thoughts on “Post a Quote Challenge: Day 1

    • The Christmas special is the only Blackadder I’d seen as a child (thank you, PBS!). In university I finally got a chance to watch all four seasons of the proper show. It’s completely brilliant! The first season is kind of odd, and they decided to drastically alter the character of Blackadder after it, to great effect. So if S1 is not your cup of tea, it gets far better! I love S3 & S4 the best. Hugh Laurie is wonderful in S3, as well.

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