Zoya Color Cubes Promo, July 2015

Sale Alert: Zoya 3 Color Cubes for $25 (that’s 6 full sized polishes!) [July 18–26, 2015]

Zoya is holding a 3 for $25 sale on their Color Cubes, which are color-coordinated duos containing 2 full-sized Zoya polishes. Use the code CUBES.

Offer is valid in the continental US and Canada only (Canadians are charged an additional international processing fee). This sale ends on July 26, 2015.

The Color Cubes available for this sale are:

  • Mermaid Dream: Ling & Muse (why not Dream?!)
  • So Juicy: Cecilia & Demetria
  • Slice of Summer: Rooney & Tilda
  • Chillin’ Out: Rayne & Leslie
  • Tropical Love: Stassi & Jace
  • Beat the Heat: Talia & Mae
  • Endless Summer: Wendy & Jesy
  • Cool in the Pool: Isa & Oceane
  • Very Berry: Serenity & Nana
  • Natural Beauty: Loretta & Purity
  • Starry Night: Trixie & Ziv
  • Beachy Glam: Cho & Bar
  • Bikini Babe: Wednesday & Shelby
  • Strawberry Lemonade: Daisy & Happi
  • Surf’s Up: Zuza & Genesis
  • Glimmer Bright: Cosmo & Destiny
  • Summer Fun: Cole & Kylie2
  • Feeling Frisky: Lola & Charisma
  • Bahama Mama: Harper & Binx
  • Blowing Bubbles: Alma & Darcy

I already have several of these polishes, so it might be a bit hard for me to find 3 duos I’ll want: Cecilia, Daisy, Isa, Leslie, Tilda, Wednesday, and especially Zuza!

Happy shopping!

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