Creative Blogger Award 3: Creative, Stupid, Love

Creative Blogger Award

BePositiveYaroon recently nominated me for another Creative Blogger Award. She makes cool and funky earrings, plus she posts some great nail art!

Creative Blogger Award Rules

  • Nominate 15–20 blogs and notify the nominees.
  • Post the link of the blog that nominated you.
  • Share five random facts about yourself.

Five Facts About Me


My favorite color used to be red, but I’m not so sure anymore. I’ve been gravitating to blues and teals a lot! I wonder if that says anything about me.

A Perfect Red, by Amy Butler Greenfield
A fantastic read for those who like a bit of history. Image:


I love watching nature/science documentaries! The best one I’ve seen in the last couple of years is Human Planet, narrated by John Hurt, who I still can’t really unhear as the voice of the dragon in Merlin.

In the coral reefs around Palawan Island, plunging marine stocks have driven locals to desperate dredging techniques. “Paaling” sees men braving depths of more than 40โ€‰metres to corral fish into nets.

BBC Human Planet


I don’t get the appeal of Ryan Gosling, although I did really like the movie Drive. *flees*
Drive, directed by Nicolas Winding Refn


Watching Child’s Play and IT as a kid ruined dolls and clowns for me forever. Also, rabbits freaked me out for a long time after I watched Twilight Zone: The Movie.

I’m not posting a photo for any of these. (Too scared!)


I have been hit by many types of balls (used in sports…get your mind out of the gutter!): from the ubiquitous baseball, basketball, football, soccer ball, tennis ball and volleyball to the rarer lacrosse ball, tetherball, Koosh ball, billiard ball, and wiffle ball…and even more in between. I’ve even been hit by a golf ball, and I don’t even golf. However, I’d stopped “collecting” them for many years. Then, last week, my husband accidentally hit me with a racquetball, so I had to add that to my list.

Koosh balls
Remember these? Koosh balls! Image:

Fifteen Nominated Blogs

These are some of the blogs I have recently followed. Please don’t feel you have to do this Award, though, especially if you have already done it!

  1. Cat’s Claws
  2. cheapyummyshiny
  3. Chrixtiana
  4. Crushes & Tips
  5. De-Lish-ious Nails
  6. Elektra Deluxe
  7. Golden Glamor
  8. Little Miss Melis
  9. lucydorlingbeautyblog
  10. Matilda Loves Coffee
  11. My Life, My Happiness
  12. Nail Polish Picks
  13. Nails by Lauren
  14. Spring Summer Sam
  15. Tiny Horse

Thanks so much, BePositiveYaroon! And thank you all for reading!

13 thoughts on “Creative Blogger Award 3: Creative, Stupid, Love

  1. Never heard of Human Planet – sounds like it’s like Planet Earth but more focused on human behaviour rather than animals?
    C’mon… how can you not like Ryan Gosling:

    I never watched Child’s Play but I did watch IT (and read the book!) Yeah, clowns are scary as hell.
    Hahahahaaaa BALLS.

    Liked by 1 person

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