Yves Rocher — Blood Orange (Gel Effect Lacquer) Swatch & Review

Collection: Yves Rocher 2015 Summer, Gel Effect Lacquer [Launch]

Yves Rocher is a French brand that I have been shopping with a lot over the last ten years (probably longer). It’s best to sign up with them, because they are always sending out 50% off deals, and even free items, with their catalogs. Basically, never pay full price, because the real price is half the MSRP!

Their products are generally hit and miss for me, but the hits outweigh the misses, so I am always trying out new products from them. I’ve never been a huge fan of their nail colors, because while they are decent products, they always seem like an afterthought in their marketing. “Oh yeah, here are some French manicure shades and various reds, pinks, oranges and browns.”

Recently, however, they have released two new lines of nail polish that I didn’t hesitate to try. One is a line of Botanical Colour Nail Polish, which consists of a wide range of modern shades (yes, there are blues, greens, yellows and purples!), and the other is a Gel Effect Lacquer, which consists of just 10 shades of your typical French manicure/reds/pinks/oranges/browns.

Today’s review is for one of the new Gel Effect Lacquers. I ordered this from a catalog; this product does not seem to be available online yet—at least on the Canadian and US sites. Yves Rocher’s blurb goes:

Vibrant color, ultra-shine, a gel-like treat at home! With just a stroke, your nails are smooth, ultra-shiny and defined with the perfection of a gel.

It’s interesting that there is no mention of long-lasting performance, since that is generally the reason that people get gel manicures, in the first place! This makes me think that Yves Rocher is simply jumping onto the faux-gel polish bandwagon, so I am not expecting long wear out of this polish. I admittedly also do not wear my swatches for performance testing (mainly because I am constantly swatching, but also partly because I find that my choice of base and top coats greatly affects the wear of a polish), so I cannot tell you how well this polish wears.

I can tell you, however, that Blood Orange / Orange sanguine (56) is a lovely polish. It’s a vibrant red-orange cream that is very well-pigmented. It dries to a very nice, glossy finish.

The formula applies beautifully. Yves Rocher has gone with yet another trend by making the brush paddle-shaped, but thankfully, this brush bears more similarity to Dior’s excellent brush than to Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure monstrosity. It’s a little smaller than the Dior brush, and quite easy to maneuver. Two coats give full opacity.

The product you get is quite small at a mere 5 mL (compared with the typical OPI at 15 mL), but at 50% off the CA$6 MSRP, I’d say it’s still a nice deal [Edit 2015-08-05: I put in the wrong pricing information! The MSRP is CA$15, so this is less of a deal than I originally thought. It’s like I don’t even pay attention to my receipts, huh? Many apologies!]. The bottle does seem like it would hold more than 5 mL, so it looks more like a “fashion size” bottle (as butter LONDON like to call their 6 mL bottles) than like an Essie or OPI mini.

With the success of this Gel Effect Lacquers, I’m really looking forward to reviewing the two Botanical Colour Nail Polishes later this week!

Yves Rocher Botanical Colour Nail Polish is 0.16 fl oz / 5 mL and retails for US/CA$6. It is free of toluene, formaldehyde, and dibutyl phthalate (DBP), and it is made in France.

[Edit 2015-08-05: Oopsie! I entered the link and pricing information for the wrong product. Here is the updated info. Apologies for any confusion!]

Yves Rocher Gel Effect Lacquer (it isn’t on the CA or US website yet, but it is available on the French and UK sites.) is 0.16 fl oz / 5 mL and retails for CA$15 / GBP£4.95 / €4.95. It is free of toluene, formaldehyde, and dibutyl phthalate (DBP), and it is made in France.

Yves Rocher was founded in 1959. The company is based in La Gacilly, France.


14 thoughts on “Yves Rocher — Blood Orange (Gel Effect Lacquer) Swatch & Review

  1. I bought a whack of YR nail polishes a while back and they are – for the most part – really high quality. My recommendation is to stick with the tall bottles and skip the short stubby ones:

    One of my HG taupes is from YR, the formula and brush were impeccable, the shade name simply: Taupe

    I’m going to have to try this gel effect in 2016!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah, I don’t think I ever bought the tall ones. I have a couple of the teeny Luminelle ones, but never really used them (they were like $1-2 each). I have a couple of the oddly-shaped French mani ones from way back, too.

      I think they’re clearing out the old style bottles. Maybe I’ll pick up one or two 🙂 The colors always seemed so boring to me, but if you’re a nude/taupe polish lover, I guess they had some nice ones!

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