Sale Alert: Giorgio Armani Beauty at Hudson’s Bay, Plus $10 off $75 Beauty (Canada Only)

Giorgio Armani Beauty is now available at Hudson’s Bay in Canada.

Hudson’s Bay is offering a 6-piece GWP with any $100 Armani Beauty purchase, which includes a “couture wallet”. While quantities last.

Don’t forget that Hudson’s Bay is also running a sale for $10 off a $75 beauty purchase (that’s cosmetics and fragrances, Hermรจs excepted)!

Giorgio Armani Beauty GWP at Hudson's Bay, August 2015

I’m not enamored of Armani’s lipstick packaging (oddly flared red tube), and while they do have a line of nail polish that I’d like to try someday, it doesn’t appear to be available online at Hudson’s Bay. Perhaps it’s available in-store, but (Nevermind, it is! It just didn’t show up in the link my HBC email sent me to.) I don’t feel like blowing $100 on a brand of nail polish I’ve never tried. Another time, Giorgio.

Happy shopping!


13 thoughts on “Sale Alert: Giorgio Armani Beauty at Hudson’s Bay, Plus $10 off $75 Beauty (Canada Only)

  1. Ha, I just finished making a comment on another blog about having never tried Armani makeup and not having any desire to. There’s nothing in this makeup line that jumps out at me… so overpriced. And well, you know my thoughts on fashion designers jumping on the makeup bandwagon.
    I’m reading this really compelling book called Deluxe (I think I mentioned this elsewhere already) and it’s really bringing home what I suspected all alone: designer brands are sell-outs to quality. All for the bottom line. This is the book:

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  2. Thanks for sharing! I’m a sucker for packaging. The packaging always gets me but I think the formulation itself will be great too. ๐Ÿ˜ they look (and I hope these will also make me feel) GORGEOUS!!!

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    • I should probably read some reviews of their cosmetics! I don’t actually know whether they’re any good ๐Ÿ™‚ ITA, packaging really does get me, too! Suckers!

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