Haulage! All Cosmetics Wholesale — butter LONDON, Essie, & more

It can be really hard for me to resist a deal, especially when it’s on a product that I can’t typically get at such a good discount, so naturally, All Cosmetics Wholesale (hereafter, “ACW”) is a site I haul from once or twice a year! I’m not affiliated with the site in any way; I’ve just had good experiences with them and wanted to share my latest haul.

OK, it’s not actually my latest haul, because I ordered it in May. The problem is that ACW is based in the US and does not ship materials like nail polish internationally. What’s a nail-polish-deal-seeking girl gonna do? Have the US-based relatives bring it up, of course!

At the time ACW was offering 20% off an order, and I noticed a ton of butter LONDON and Essie nail polishes listed, so I hauled.

Bonus: at the time that I ordered, the Canadian dollar hadn’t dropped as badly yet, so overall I got some pretty sweet deals!

Here is the first part of the haul (prices given are pre-20% discount):
All Cosmetics Wholesale ACW Haulage Butter London, Becca, Hard Candy, nail polish, Revlon, Maybelline, lipstick

  • Becca Nail Colour in Dancing Barefoot, a pastel peach ($2.99)
  • Hard Candy Just Nails Nail Color in Beetle ($1.49)
  • Maybelline SuperStay 14Hr Lipstick in Enduring Ruby ($0, they usually throw in a freebie with larger orders)
  • Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Jungle Peach ($6.99)
  • Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Snow Peach ($6.99)
  • butter LONDON Nail Lacquer in Bramble ($9.99)
  • butter LONDON Nail Lacquer in Stag Do ($9.99)
  • butter LONDON Nail Lacquer in Posh Bird ($9.99)
  • butter LONDON Nail Lacquer in Kerfuffle ($9.99)
  • butter LONDON Nail Lacquer in Fishwife ($9.99)
  • butter LONDON Nail Lacquer in Poole ($9.99)

Hey, I finally got a Hard Candy Just Nails to go with the rest of my Hard Candy generations! I should update the photos once I find my Hard Candy rings for the old bottles.

Here’s the second part (prices given are pre-20% discount):
All Cosmetics Wholesale ACW Haulage Essie nail polish

  • Essie Nail Polish in Prêt-à-Surfer (mini, $1.49)
  • Essie Nail Polish in All Access Pass (mini, $1.49)
  • Essie Nail Polish in Blossom Dandy (mini, $1.49)
  • Essie Nail Polish in Sunset Sneaks (mini, $1.49)
  • Essie Nail Polish in Petal Pushers (mini, $1.49)
  • Essie Nail Polish in Hubby for Dessert (mini, $1.49)
  • Essie Nail Polish in Coacha’bella (mini, $1.49)
  • Essie Nail Polish in Make Some Noise ($2.49)
  • Essie Nail Polish in In the Cab-ana ($1.99)
  • Essie Nail Polish in Vibrant Vibes (mini, $1.49)
  • Essie Nail Polish in Worth the Wait (mini, $1.49)
  • Essie Nail Polish in Peach Side Babe (mini, $1.49)

Considering that full-sized Essies retail for about $10–11 here in Canada, and these are mostly colors from the more recent collections, I’m most happy about this set.

Thanks go to my parents for being kind enough to deal with my online hauls!

Have you tried any of these polishes or lipsticks? Any hits or misses I can look forward to?

Have a wonderful weekend, everybody!


34 thoughts on “Haulage! All Cosmetics Wholesale — butter LONDON, Essie, & more

  1. O.M.G! You got some phenomenal Essie colors! What a steal! I love Petal Pushers, Blossom Dandy, and Pret-A-Surfer (oh, who am I kidding . . . I love them all!)! 😀

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  2. ::faints::
    I haven’t bought anything from ACW (at least I don’t think I have) but I am always tempted especially because they stock discontinued items!
    I really need a connection in the US. All the restricted shipping items are really cramming my style! And grrr the exchange rate is also a huge deterrent – thank goodness I’m on a No-Buy (but it better improve by 2016 or ELSE ::shakes fist::)
    The only one I have from all of these is the Becca nail polish! It’s in my untrieds pile…
    Are you sure your little Peanut hasn’t found the Hard Candy rings first? 😉

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    • I’m pretty sure Peanut hasn’t gotten to them first LOL! I’m 99% sure I stuck them in an old Fossil watch tin. Which is…somewhere.
      I’m lucky that I have family/friends who are willing to hold US shopping for me! It’s the waiting that is a PITA though. 🙂
      And yeah, it was just that one Essie that was $1.99! Others were $2.49 or so.
      I remember you had a Becca, but couldn’t recall which one! I wonder what happened with them. A whole bunch of their m/u ended up at discounters a few years back. Maybe repackaging.
      I hope for you that by Jan. the CAD will be back to par (or better hahahahaha)!


      • I have more than one Becca lol! The Becca that started it all was Toasted Marshmallow which I posted about in my Back ups post:

        I found an ebay store willing to ship some to me for a reasonable price so I now have 6 colours!
        I fear that Becca has actually discontinued their nail polish line – I suppose that makes sense, they want to focus on face makeup.

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    • LMAO! 😀 I have gotten a few blushes from them, in the past. Sue Devitt Katherine, MAC Frankly Scarlet (Aha! THAT’S why I got it, it was cheap!), & Smashbox Smashing Tint.
      I do wish their site was easier to browse. I find it a bit slow, and they’re always signing me out after 20 min of something.

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      • Sometimes I think a poorly laid out site is by design, similar to how Winners operates – it’s during the browsing / hunting that you find things that you didn’t even know you wanted / needed. Yeah I was wondering what a blush adverse person was doing with MAC Frankly Scarlet in her collection LOL.

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        • You know, I don’t doubt that retailers do that kind of stuff! Amazon, too. AAAARGH.

          Well, you never know when you need to dress up as Raggedy Ann. 😀


  3. Great haul! I have yet to try butter london polishes! I’ve been debating on getting Petal Pushers by Essie, every time I see a swatch online it looks different than what the bottle looks like in real life, I would love to see a swatch of it by you!

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    • Oh you have to try BL sometime! Lovely formula and bottle.

      Some polishes are so tricky to capture accurately, and change so much depending on the lighting. I’ll do my best! 😀

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