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Over 300 Followers! You Guys Are the Best!

Sometime last week, my blog surpassed 300 followers! (It’s at 316 now. There are also another 80–90 on BlogLovin’, though I don’t know how much overlap there is with the WordPress followers.) I didn’t really think to mention it, since 300 isn’t exactly a “milestone”—though I suppose Gerard Butler would disagree.

I never really thought I’d pick up this number of followers after several months of blogging. But of course, once you hit 200, and then 300, you get a little ambitious! I had already decided I’d do a proper international giveaway at 500 followers, so at this rate, I’m thinking by Christmas, it might happen. Not the best time for mailing stuff, but hey, what can you do?

So for now, I just want to give all of you fine people a big, virtual hug, and say THANK YOU SO MUCH for reading my blog. And, to those of you who regularly interact with me in blogland, you guys really do make my day! ๐Ÿ˜€

Thank you for following! Doctor Who, David Tennant
I found this on Tumblr and thought it was brilliant! Tennant โค



Oh, and my last few lovely followers were:
316. adorebeauty2
315. Blended Glamour
314. Chronic Pain Cockney

And magic number 300. Claire Jagus


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