OPI Nail Lacquer in I Have a Herring Problem

OPI — I Have a Herring Problem (Nail Lacquer) Swatch & Review

Collection: OPI 2012 Spring/Summer, Holland

I previously reviewed Dutch ‘Ya Just Love OPI? from the 2012 Holland collection, and was quite disappointed by it. My second polish from this collection is also slightly disappointing, but on the whole, it’s much better than DYJLO.

I Have a Herring Problem (NL H58) is a stormy blue-grey with silver shimmer. There’s a touch of dirty seafoam green to it, as well.

And now, you will have to pardon an interlude, my ode to small fish…

I will not lie: I bought this polish mostly because I love to eat herring and other small “forage” fish (like sardines, sprats, and anchovies). When I visited Spain, I had grilled sardines every day, and I brought several tins of their phenomenal olive oil-packed sardines home with me! They had whole grocery aisles dedicated to canned seafood! I DIE! Of course, they also had a whole half-aisle dedicated to jarred white asparagus. That was odd.

In case you’re wondering, Iberian and Moroccan canned sardines are the best. Scandinavian is next best. Since I’ve had these types, I can no longer stomach the usual North American grocery store variety (John West? Brunswick?! Blech!)

Some benefits to eating these small fish (apart from them just being yummy on toast) include 1) being on the sustainable seafood list, 2) when canned with bones they are an excellent source of calcium, and 3) there’s little worry of mercury like there is with large fish such as tuna and halibut.

If you have looked at my Instagram lately, you’ll also see that I was recently ecstatic to find my beloved Latvian smoked sprats at my local grocery store. I normally have to trek out to a Polish grocery to find them, so this saves me so much time and effort. I just hope they’ll continue stocking these for a while!

Riga Gold canned sprats at No Frills grocery
Riga Gold canned sprats on a plate

Anyway, enough about fish. I Have a Herring Problem is a great shade. I don’t have anything like it, and the little sparkles in it really are a bit reminiscent of a school of silvery fish darting about in the sea.

The problem is that it’s a touch sheer, though it wouldn’t really do to wear it as a sheer polish. I needed four thin coats, though you could just do three thicker ones. This is irritating, though I feel the color is worth the trouble.

OPI Nail Lacquer in I Have a Herring Problem, swatch

It’s too bad that I’m finding OPI’s formula below par these days. Perhaps I just got a few duds lately, but it makes me less inclined to purchase OPI, especially since they are priced a bit higher than brands like Essie, China Glaze, and Zoya, all of which I prefer to OPI at the moment.

OPI Nail Lacquer in I Have a Herring Problem, label


OPI Nail Lacquer retails for about US$9.50 / CA$12 and is 0.5 US fl oz / 15 mL. OPI nail polishes are free of toluene, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate (DBP) and camphor, and are made in the USA.

OPI has been owned by global beauty company Coty Inc. since 2010.


12 thoughts on “OPI — I Have a Herring Problem (Nail Lacquer) Swatch & Review

  1. I friggin love the name of this one!
    Also, is it me, or is the handle of this polish much more textured than other OPI’s? Looks like stucco.
    Tinned fish is my weakness. My SO thinks it’s the grossest thing. Before we lived together, I subsisted on those flavoured ones:

    I haven’t tried the fancy European ones so my tastes are very pedestrian! I will have to seek them out – are they only available in specialty shops? I also LOVE tinned mussels. omg, I’m craving them now!
    Back to the polish – it’s a unique and I like the shimmer. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You know, you’re totally right. I am comparing the cap to IHaHP with an old black label OPI, and the old one is definitely smoother (though it still has some texture). The newer green labels I got from Dollarama also have the more textured cap. How odd!

    Oops, I thought the brand was NEW Brunswick, not just Brunswick. But yes, the flavored Brunswick were the only ones I used to eat, too, before I discovered the foreign ones. Lemon was def my favorite, then the mustard and the spicy pepper. Their kippered herring “Seafood Snacks” are good, too. DH introduced me to those, as I think he had them growing up.

    But I swear, seek out the Iberian or Moroccan ones. You will not be sorry. I have found some Moroccan ones in Chinatown and Kensington Market, but they’re not the best ones (Titus brand, and maybe another one):

    I haven’t found Iberian ones locally. The best Moroccan ones I’ve had, my dad orders online in the US and brings them for me sometimes. I think they look like this, but I can’t really remember:

    Canned mussels and oysters are OM NOM NOM, too!

    Holy crap, I wrote an essay.


  3. Okay, this post is freakin epic!!!! Also, I LOVE the name and color of the polish. I feel like I wouldn’t gravitate towards it in the bottle, but it looks gorgeous on!

    Liked by 1 person

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