Zoya Color Cubes Promo, September 2015

Sale Alert: Zoya 3 Color Cubes for $30 (that’s 6 full sized polishes!) [September 16–30, 2015]

Zoya is holding another sale on their Color Cubes, which are color-coordinated duos containing 2 full-sized Zoya polishes.

Use the code FDUO to get three Color Cube duos (that’s 6 polishes in total) for US$30, plus free shipping. The Color Cubes normally retail for $16 each, and an individual Zoya is generally $9, except for the PixieDusts, which are $10 each. This makes the “Sweater Weather” and “Party Night” Color Cubes better deals, as they contain two PixieDusts apiece.

Offer is valid online only in the continental US and Canada (Canadians are charged an additional international processing fee). This sale ends September 30, 2015.

This sale is not quite as good as the one they ran in July, which was 3 Color Cubes for $25.

The 15 Color Cubes available for this sale are different from the ones they had the last time:

Zoya Color Cubes promo, September 2015
Image: zoya.com
  • Cool Blues: Sia & Estelle
  • Fall For You: Lidia & Janel
  • After Dusk: Evvie & Ki
  • Go Vampy: Dakota & Pepper
  • Rich Jewels: Selene & Anaka
  • Fall Flannel: Toni & Ryan
  • Falling Leaves: Autumn & Teigen
  • Pumpkin Spice: Ember & Tanzy
  • Crisp Nights: Tris & Storm
  • Snuggle Up: Pinta & Julieanne
  • Sweater Weather: Sunshine & Arabella (PixieDusts)
  • Green Envy: Hunter & Aggie
  • Mocha Cream: Flynn & Desiree
  • Mixing Metals: Ziv & Trixie
  • Party Night: Tomoko & Godiva (PixieDusts)

I’d love to pick up Sia & Estelle, Dakota & Pepper, and Hunter & Aggie, but alas, I am on a low-buy! Will you be picking up 3 Color Cubes?

Happy shopping!

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