fivezero's DIY chip handbag, inspired by Anya Hindmarch

Happy Handbag Day! My DIY “Handbag”, on a Dare

Today, National Handbag Day, was my self-imposed deadline for responding to Stashmatters’ dare from back in April! I am nothing if not a procrastinator.

Yet, I am true to my word, and today’s post includes a photo of me with my DIY Anya Hindmarch Potato Chip Bag.

But first, in celebration of the day, I would like to share with you some of my favorite handbags. Who am I kidding? All my handbags are my favorites! But I have used some more than others this summer.

Treesje — Asher Mini Satchel

Treesje (pronounced TREE’-ZHUH) is an American brand that was popular perhaps ten years ago. I’m not really sure what’s happened to them, but last I checked, I was not terribly impressed with their offerings. The Asher is one of the bag styles that launched them into stardom (particularly in the Grande size) and it is my favorite of their styles. Mine is in the small size, which looks far less ludicrous on my petite frame. It’s the only pink bag I own, and it goes with so much!

Treesje Asher Mini Satchel in Fuchsia
Treesje Asher Mini Satchel in Fuchsia

Linea Pelle — Dylan Mini Speedy

Linea Pelle is another American brand and I adore them! I never actually had any interest in them when I’d only seen the bags in online photos. However, the first time I saw them in person, I was hooked! They are beautiful, durable, functional, and super-casual. They’re one of the few brands that use adjustable straps (the sliding kind, not the annoying peg-and-hole style that some pricier brands like to use), which is invaluable for a short person like myself. I can switch the straps on my Linea Pelles from shoulder to crossbody in a second or two, so I especially love these satchels for travel. My one and only complaint about this particular bag is that it’s a little less sunshine yellow than I expected. It looked dandelion yellow online, but more of a watery lemon yellow in person.

Linea Pelle Dylan Mini Speedy in Yellow
Linea Pelle Dylan Mini Speedy in Yellow

Chloé — Ethel Small Satchel

French label Chloé makes luscious bags, and while I prefer the Marcie’s styling, this small Ethel is far easier to carry. It is deceptively small, and can actually hold a great deal inside without disturbing its outward appearance. It handily goes from day to night, so I didn’t mind splurging on it. The sole drawback: it’s a little heavier than it looks, with the oversized hardware and the thick leather.

Chloé Ethel Small Satchel in Black
Chloé Ethel Small Satchel in Black

Fossil — Erin Tote

Fossil probably makes the best quality leather handbags in its price range (without having to hunt around for sales). Of course, I got this on sale, anyway, and it ended up being the bag I’ve used most often over the last two years! It holds everything—though a little less elegantly, since you can see all the funky bulges of your stuff inside—can be handheld or worn on the shoulder or crossbody, and is the perfect fun summer color: mint green! The leather is super soft and not so thin that it feels cheap, yet not so thick that it weighs on you like luggage. The style is reminiscent of the classic Foley + Corinna foldover totes, except I prefer the Erin Tote because it has an easily adjustable crossbody strap. I have an old F+C mini tote that I never use anymore just because the unadjustable strap is a bit too long for me. Fossil wins this one hands down.

Fossil Erin Tote in Pastel Green
Fossil Erin Tote in Pastel Green

Rebecca Minkoff

And we have finally made it to the handbag designer who’s closest to my heart! I will not lie: I have a lot of RM bags, mostly Mini MACs and Mini MABs, all in different colors. I love the styles, the functionality, and all the awesome seasonal colors. It’s sad that RM quality has gone down as the brand’s popularity has soared, but I still feel that if the bags are purchased on sale (which happens a lot), they’re worth it. This teal number is a newer one in my collection, and it goes effortlessly with most of my summer clothes.

Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC in Azure with Silver Hardware
Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC in Azure with Silver Hardware

Frito-Lay + Rebecca Minkoff = Anya Hindmarch

Drumroll, maestro! Here’s my DIY Anya Hindmarch Potato Chip Bag, cobbled together with an actual, genuine bag of Ruffles Potato Chips—Sour Cream’n Onion, naturally!—and the removable chain strap from one of my Rebecca Minkoff Mini MACs (a green one I wore all last summer).

I did have trouble assembling the bag. It turns out that the potato chip bag material tears pretty damn easily once you cut it. I should have reinforced the bag corners with tape before I punctured them for the strap. Oh well. I guess I’m just going to have to eat these chips, now.

fivezero's DIY Anya Hindmarch potato chip bag
Photo credit: Mr. Fivezero

And now, it’s time to bring out the fall/winter bags…

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend to all the Canadians!


14 thoughts on “Happy Handbag Day! My DIY “Handbag”, on a Dare

  1. Oh my gosh! Hahaha!!! 😂
    Thank you for the laugh and following through! I thought you would have forgotten! (the flavour choice of sour cream & onion)
    I’ve not heard of the first 2 brands – I’ve got cheap taste, my favourite is the Fossil one though!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That potato chip bag is OUTSTANDING. Pinterest, look out, there’s a new crazy project in town! Oh my gosh, I used to have such a thing for handbags – I once bought a had-to-have-been-stolen Kate Spade from a man off a blanket on a 5th Ave. sidewalk. I LOVED that illegal purse, man!

    Liked by 1 person

    • LOL! I damn near bought a Kate Spade bag in NYC Canal Street way back when she was mostly making nylon bags (the Sam, I think it was). Fo’ sho it was a fake, and I told myself it was not worth getting one. I’ve actually still never bought a KS bag for myself…maybe I should one day. When it’s on sale, of course. :p

      Liked by 1 person

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