New Release: Illamasqua — Equinox Collection (Winter 2015)

Collection: Illamasqua 2015 Winter, Equinox

Illamasqua‘s Winter Collection for 2015 is Equinox.

Illamasqua Equinox Collection (Winter 2015)
Illamasqua Equinox Collection (Winter 2015)

Three polishes make up the collection, but only one is a new color: Beam, a “pearlised gold shimmer”. The existing shades in the collection are Facet and Phallic.

Illamasqua Equinox Collection (Winter 2015) Nail Varnish in Beam
Illamasqua Equinox Collection (Winter 2015) Nail Varnish in Beam

The collection also includes a new eyeshadow quad, Gold Leaf Gel, Glamore lipstick, and other gorgeous cosmetics in shades of gold.

Illamasqua Nail Varnish retails for GBP£14.50, US$18, or a stupidly expensive CA$29.95.

5 thoughts on “New Release: Illamasqua — Equinox Collection (Winter 2015)

  1. I was pleased they made Facet a permanent shade! Beam sounds completely dupable.
    Stupidly expensive CA$29.95 is right. Ugh. I’ll never buy another Illamasqua nail polish again at these prices!

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    • Yeah, Beam’s not looking all that intriguing to me, but I guess I’ll wait to see a swatch. Not that it matters; I will also not be likely to pay $30 + shipping for an Illa. polish! 😦

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  2. Wow! CA$ 29.95?! What’s so pleasant about these nail polishes to be priced this high?
    But wait, the poster just reminded me of Queen of the Damn.


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