Topbox Canada, October 2015

Topbox (Canada) — October 2015

I’m inching ever closer to the “unsubscribe” button, Topbox! I did get a nail polish, though I found it underwhelming. I also got yet another hair product, which I dislike receiving.

What I Received

Regular Topbox

Topbox Canada, October 2015

  • Avon ANEW Power Serum (7 mL sample) [MSRP US$40 for 30 mL]
  • (be) Delectable by Cake Beauty Ultra Nourishing Hand Cream in Coconut & Cream (60 mL, travel size) [It says MSRP $15 on the Topbox card, but has the 113 mL size for $12, so I’m calling shenanigans. The 60 mL travel size is actually $7.]
  • Cuccio Colour Nail Lacquer (13 mL full size) [MSRP $4.21]
  • d:fi Reshapable Spray (9 mL, sample) [MSRP US$15.95 for 150 mL]


  • Avon ANEW Power Serum discount

    Topbox Canada Avon Anew offer, October 2015
    Nobel Prize-winning research, huh?

Everything came in the standard packaging: a pretty white and purple patterned cardboard cylinder.
Topbox Canada

Avon ANEW Power Serum sample
Serums aren’t something I’ve gotten into using, and I’ve never been terribly impressed by Avon skincare. We’ll see. Meh for now.

(be) Delectable by Cake Beauty Ultra Nourishing Hand Cream in Coconut & Cream, travel size
I would totally not complain about this one—I like Cake Beauty—except for the fact that I already received the same thing in my recent Luxe Box (which is also operated by Topbox). Same scent, even. Boooring. You wouldn’t think it’d be hard to combine the Topbox and Luxe Box customer accounts so you know not to send someone the same stuff twice. But that’s probably too much to ask from a company that came up with two separate login pages, and asked me to create a new account for the new login page (um, why can’t you just migrate my old one?). There are loads of other usability issues with both the Topbox and Luxe Box sites, so I can’t say I’m pleased with that, either. For example, I couldn’t complete this month’s survey, in which you can ask to receive a special box instead of the regular Topbox…there was no “Submit” button once I reached the end of the survey. Very annoying, as there was a Shu Uemura box that I would have preferred receiving. Honestly, after using the slick websites at Ipsy and Birchbox for a while, Topbox/Luxe Box have a long way to go regarding their online presence.

Cuccio Colour Nail Lacquer in Bologna Blush
I’d vaguely heard of Cuccio before, but never tried it (nor did I have any actual desire to do so). I’ll admit, when I first held the bottle, I thought, “Well, this feels like a dollar-store brand.” It’s actually a little pricier than that at $4.21 (not sure if that’s US or CA), but either way, the bottle does not exactly reflect quality…or perhaps I’m being churlish, and it’s mostly just a dated bottle design. The color is decidedly for-cool-toned-skin-only, so I’m disappointed, too. I do like that it’s made in the US, though. Also, my swatch and review of this polish was posted earlier today.

d:fi Reshapable Spray, sample
First of all, I don’t like getting hair stuff, and I’m quite sure that’s noted in my Topbox profile (at least by not having it checked as a category in which I’m interested). Secondly, this is the tiniest-ass sample I’ve seen from a subscription box, apart from perfume. This is a 9 mL hair sample for a product that is normally 150 mL. Cheap out much?! Seriously, this bottle is wee for a hair product sample. Probably give this to my mom, like all my other hairspray samples.


For $12 + tax ($13.56), I don’t mind too much since the $7 (be) Delectable cream and the $4.21 Cuccio polish already just about pay for it. On the other hand, I probably wouldn’t have bought another one of those hand creams, at least not so soon, since I already got one from Luxe Box. And I would not have chosen that particular shade of Cuccio polish.

It’s all about opportunity cost, right? I mean, for $12, I can hit up Winners and choose two Essie or China Glaze polishes that I’m happy with!

I’m thinking Topbox gets one more chance in November, and then I’ll decide whether to keep them or just stick with Luxe Box. (If I receive one more hair product, they’re goners, for sure. If the hair product is a hairspray, [deity] help them.)

5 thoughts on “Topbox (Canada) — October 2015

  1. Nobel Prize-winning research LMAO. That’s a first I’ve seen of cosmetic claims – wow, Avon. New low.
    I did not know that Topbox and Luxe Box are the same company! Sneaky. They really shouldn’t even be offering the same products in their selection if one is supposed to be more premium, should they?
    Your beauty reviews reminds me all the time WHY I do not subscribe to any! 😛 You’re so right, for $12 I’d be happy as a clam buying things I really wanted.


  2. I’m subscribed to Luxe Box as well and I agree their site is atrocious. Major improvement needed there. So disappointing that they included the Delectable hand cream in both boxes too, that just seems lazy. Plus I’m not a fan of that particular scent, it smells like a cheap car air freshener.
    Hopefully your November box is better!


  3. I just received my first Topbox and it is completely different from yours. I’m slightly underwhelmed by mine.


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