Shopping in Canada: NYX Canada is now shipping!


The online store at NYX Canada (not affiliated) is now open for business! Shipping is free in Canada with purchases over $45. (So…$45.01 and up? That seems odd…)

Sadly, there’s no nail polish, nor even the new palettes and eyeshadow/blush pans, but there’s plenty more NYX products for Canadians to finally try out. My local Rexall doesn’t have the best selection of the brand, so it’s great to have more options online.

I personally like quite a lot of NYX products (maybe not love, but they’re definitely cheap and cheerful products that are so hard to resist!), especially the Butter Lipstick in Pops and the Matte Lipstick in Sierra. I also have several blushes and a ton of eyeshadows, for which I have to post pics and swatches sometime.

Incidentally, I noticed in late summer that introduced NYX for a very short time, but inexplicably took it all off the site within a week or two! I emailed them about it, and they said NYX would be back on the site in 2016. I guess the launch of NYX Canada is probably the explanation.

Happy shopping! What will you be picking up at NYX Canada?

7 thoughts on “Shopping in Canada: NYX Canada is now shipping!

  1. I’m curious to check out their new stand-alone store on Queen St W (at the old MAC Pro location – I was SO shocked when that MAC shut down without notice!) My sister took a picture of the Square One NYX store opening and it was a ZOO – line ups down the mall. I mainly like NYX for their blushes, but I’m definitely planning on branching out to lip products.

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    • You know, I feel like I walked by there not long ago (like, within the last week or two) and I totally didn’t notice it. Jeez.

      I’m not sure I understand the craze over a freestanding NYX shop (to me, it’s almost as if Maybelline opened a freestanding shop…uh, ok…) but I’m happy everyone else is happy! I guess it’ll have better selection than at various Rexalls.

      I really liked their old squared, quilted eyeshadows, and have been less enamored of their newer Hot Singles. Haven’t tried their new blushes – again, just have the old ones! Their lip stuff can be nice, though. For the price, they’re a great brand!


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