New Release: butter LONDON — Invite Only Collection Sets & Oprah’s Picks

Collection: butter LONDON 2015 Winter, Invite Only: 12 Months of Manis, Password Please Nail Art Set, RSVP, Invite Only

butter LONDON has released Invite Only, a holiday collection consisting of several cute gift sets. Most contain preexisting shades, but a couple of them contain new, set exclusive shades.

butter LONDON Invite Only 12 Months of Manis Set 2015

The largest set is 12 Months of Manis, which contains 12 full-sized (0.4 fl oz / 11 mL) polishes. Five of the colors are previously released shades: Fiver, High Tea, Molly-Coddled, Petticoat, and Tiddly.

Here is the full list of colors:

Previously Released:

  1. Fiver, an opaque mint crème
  2. High Tea, an opaque nude crème
  3. Molly-Coddled, an opaque lavender orchid crème
  4. Petticoat, a periwinkle blue crème
  5. Tiddly, an opaque melon crème

Set Exclusives:

  1. Bubbly, a tinted gold with gold glitter (overcoat)
  2. Clever Clogs, an orange rust crème
  3. Luv, a light pink with deep pink glitter
  4. Petal, a soft cool pastel pink
  5. Scrummy, a rich crimson crème
  6. Summer Hols, a deep smoke with metallic gold sheen
  7. Swish, a jell pink crème

If I didn’t already have High Tea and Tiddly, I’d be a little tempted to pick this up at US$68 / CA$78! The retail price of each full-sized polish is US$15 / CA$18, so the set would retail at US$180 / CA$216 if you could buy every shade individually. I’ve had Fiver on my wishlist for a while, and Molly-Coddled, Petticoat, Clever Clogs, and Scrummy also catch my eye.

The second set containing new shades is the Password Please Nail Art set, which contains three smaller bottles which appear to be nail art packaging. The larger polishes are the deluxe sizes, which are 6 mL rather than 11 mL.

butter LONDON Invite Only 2015 Password Please Nail Art Set

Fashion Size 6-Piece Nail Art Collection with Ombre Brush ($50 Value)

Access the perfect mix of colours and textures for tailor-made nail looks that set the tone for your nights out.

  1. Hush-Hush (Set Exclusive!), a dusty light pink crème
  2. Looker (Set Exclusive!), a cool nude Shimmer
  3. Password Please (Set Exclusive!), a deep purple crème
  4. Spotlight (Set Exclusive!), a tinted purple with holographic glitter (overcoat)
  5. Bubbly (Set Exclusive!), a tinted gold with gold glitter (overcoat)
  6. Doily a cool pink with white glitter (overcoat)
  7. butter LONDON Ombre Brush

There’s also a set with the new Patent Shine 10X Nail Lacquers, containing four deluxe sized (6 mL) polishes. Two are current shades and two are new.

butter LONDON Invite Only set 2015, RSVP Patent Shine 10X Nail Lacquers
  1. Her Majesty’s Red, a true red crème
  2. Ta-Ta!, a soft grey crème
  3. Dearie Me! (Set Exclusive!), a cool rose crème
  4. Posh (Set Exclusive!), a warm nude crème

The RSVP set retails for US$29 / CA$34.

The final set with new colors is Invite Only, a set of six deluxe sized (6 mL) polishes.

butter LONDON Invite Only set 2015
  1. O.T.T. (Set Exclusive!), a textured red sparkle
  2. Lock In (Set Exclusive!), a deep navy crème
  3. Pash (Set Exclusive!), a berry shimmer
  4. Peep Hole (Set exclusive!), a teal metallic
  5. Vapour (Set Exclusive!), a soft grey crème
  6. Glad Rags (Set Exclusive!), an opal shimmer
Hudson's Bay butter London typo 2015
The Bay needs some proofreaders. “E” isn’t even next to “I”, guys. Image:

The Invite Only set retails for US$39 / CA$45.

The final set, the VIP, contains many of the polishes present in the aforementioned sets, in fashion size:

Hardwear P.D. Quick Top Coat
Nail Foundation Flawless Basecoat
Matte Finish Topcoat
Horse Power Nail Fertilizer
Handbag Holiday Cuticle Oil
Melt Away Cuticle Eliminator
All Hail the Queen – Opaque, Holographic Beige
Fiver – Opaque, Mint Creme
Petal (Set Exclusive!) –
Looker (Set Exclusive!) –
Cotton Buds – Opaque, Pure White Creme
Tart with a Heart – Pale Pink, Glitter
Tea with the Queen – Opaque, Tan-Pink Creme
Trout Pout – Opaque, Cantaloupe Creme
Summer Hols (Set Exclusive!) – Jelly Pink, Creme
Come to Bed Red – Opaque, True Red Creme
Peep Hole (Set Exclusive!) – Teal, Metallic
HRH – Royal-Purple, Metallic
Union Jack Black – Opaque, Jet Black Creme
Swish (Set Exclusive!) – Deep Smoke with Metallic Gold Sheen, Metallic
Lock In (Set Exclusive!) – Deep Navy, Creme
Scrummy (Set Exclusive!) – Rich Crimson, Creme
Clever Clogs (Set Exclusive!) – Orange Rust, Creme
Bubbly (Set Exclusive!) – Tinted Gold with Gold Glitter, Overcoat

This massive set retails for US$150 (value $260).

Finally, butter LONDON teamed up with Oprah Winfrey to release an Ultimate Lacquer Wardrobe containing six nail treatments and 18 color lacquers, all in fashion sizes.

If these really are Oprah’s favorite butter LONDON shades…well, she and I aren’t exactly nail twins! Where are the greens and the oranges, Oprah?! Hahaha. But hey, at least the color purple is well-represented. And she seems to love red, and that’s A-OK in my book!

The set retails for US$150 (value $265). Also, butter LONDON and Oprah are hosting a contest (US-only) to win a $500 butter LONDON shopping spree.

butter LONDON 3 Free Nail Lacquer is US$15 / CA$18 and is 0.4 fl oz / 11 mL. The deluxe “fashion” sizes are packaged in some sets and they contain 0.2 fl oz / 6 mL. The lacquer does not contain toluene, formaldehyde, or dibutyl phthalate (DBP), and is made in the USA.

butter LONDON is based in Seattle, WA, USA.

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