New Release: Nails Inc. — The Paint Can Spray On Nail Polish

Collection: Nails Inc. 2015 Winter, The Paint Can Spray-On Nail Polish Launch

Nails Inc. have announced their new product innovation, The Paint Can Spray On Nail Polish. Yup.

Nails Inc. The Paint Can Spray On Nail Polish

You can pre-order the two colors now: Hoxton Market (hot pink) and Shoreditch Lane (metallic silver). They retail for GBP£10 each, and come in a 50 mL spray can, like hairspray does.

You spray it on, then wash your hands, and voilà, instant manicure.

You do need to use the Nails Inc. 2-in-1 Base Coat, before spraying on the polish.

It sounds ludicrous, but I wouldn’t mind trying it! What say you?

Nails Inc. The Paint Can Spray On Nail Polish

23 thoughts on “New Release: Nails Inc. — The Paint Can Spray On Nail Polish

  1. That’s can’ be good for you to breathe in the aerosol spray product… and it’s not like it’s really going to save that much work because you still need to apply a special base coat for the paint to adhere to. I don’t know, not appealing to me. Also, what fugly colours they released first – stripper hot pink and tin man metallic silver? Why?

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    • So the image I got in my head is the Tin Man in a hot pink stripper outfit. THANKS. 😛

      Y’know I didn’t even think about that – inhaling it! Yikes. And I agree, at first I didn’t realize you needed the special base coat, and thought it was cool. But regular base coat…and then they suggest using a top coat after, as well! LOL. Not saving any time there, really.

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  2. lol I just posted about this too! It’s a neat concept and I’m looking forward to trying it but I kinda agree with Stachy on this that it’s probably bad to breath in. I wasn’t even thinking about that.


  3. Haha I JUST left a comment on chicandpolishedbeauty’s post about this! This is the weirdest thing! It may be nice for on the go, running out the door really want to paint my nails type thing– spray, wash, and done. I think I’ll stick with the old fashioned way though😉


  4. I can’t believe these are real. I know it’s not April Fools Day, but I really don’t believe it. I think I’ll have to see these in real life to believe it!

    Anyway, I’ll stick to polish. This spray thing looks quite messy and even though most of the excess is going to be washed off, I’m sure some of the product will stay to coat appliances and furniture. It’s probably not noticeable the first couple of times, but I’m sure the stuff will build up. Yuck!


  5. I just said this on someone else’s blog, but this whole system looks like it could be very chaotic. Like mayhem in a can. I’m really curious to know how easily and cleanly it applies.


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