Fashion: Coach – Rainbow Shearling Handbag Collection

I don’t usually post about fashion, but an email from Coach left me no choice.

I like small, colorful handbags the way I like nail polish (yep, that’s a lot) but Coach’s new lineup, Rainbow Shearling just makes my skin crawl!

There’s a whole assortment of these horrid things in different shapes and sizes.

Coach Rainbow Shearling handbag collection

I have a soft spot for Coach since my first foray into nicer handbags was one of their small demi bags (in red, and not dissimilar in shape from the bags pictured above). But it came in lovely, soft, smooth leather. This half sheep abomination with studded trim leftover from their Rhyder collection? Nope nope nope!


7 thoughts on “Fashion: Coach – Rainbow Shearling Handbag Collection

    • What on earth are they thinking? 🙂 Well, I guess some people will like it, and I do think everything else about the bags is cute. Weirdly textured stuff just isn’t for us!

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  1. When I saw this post I thought you were ENDORSING it, I was like errr…didn’t know you had that in you! But I just saw these earlier today on the Bay website for like $300+ …….what is this, the new millennial version of Little Bo Peep? I can’t wait to see someone trying to sport this one in public! 😛

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    • LOL! The horror 😀 I can’t really do some textured stuff, at all (I guess that carries over into nail polish, too). Like ostrich leather – gives me the heebie jeebies!

      Millennial Little Bo Peep – mwah! Hahaha!

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  2. Hmm not sure what look they are going for? They look cheap to me, so weird Coach! These bags look like the rug that’s on my living room floor.

    Hahaha half sheep abomination😂 So funny!

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