Inglot Canada Improves Shipping Options

Inglot Canada new shipping options

Inglot Canada has new and improved shipping options!

Free shipping is now available anywhere in Canada when you spend $65 or more on the website. The standard shipping charge is now $9.95.

I do have access to a freestanding Inglot store, but I found it rather overwhelming the first time I went (so many eyeshadows!) and only bought one lipstick. Online shopping will be more conducive to the way I like to shop: in quiet and comfort, on my computer! Haha! I hope to haul a little Inglot next year…once I find $65 worth of stuff I’d like to try.

Here’s the lipstick I picked up earlier this year:

Inglot Lipstick
Inglot Lipstick

Have you tried anything from Inglot?

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