Missha The Style Lucid Nail Polish in Wonder Woman BL11

Missha — BL11 (Wonder Woman, The Style Lucid Nail Polish) Swatch & Review

Missha Wonder Woman collection 2015
Image: missha.beautynet.co.kr

Collection: Missha 2015, Wonder Woman

Missha recently released a Wonder Woman makeup collection in conjunction with DC Comics. I did a more extensive post on the collection in my first review of these kind-of-scented The Style Lucid polishes; you can read it here.

BL11 is a bright, cheerful primary blue cream. It’s definitely that punchy blue that is so often used in old school comic books:

Justice League comic book cover 1960
Image: comiccollectorlive.com

Like VL12, BL11 is close to being a one-coat wonder, but isn’t quite. The formula has a nice, not-too-thin-nor-too-thick consistency and the pigmentation is good. Two coats are needed for full opacity.

The polish applied quite smoothly and evenly; I was overall quite pleased with the performance. It also dried to a reasonably glossy shine, considering how quickly it dried. This polish has a fizzy rosemary scent which fades within ten minutes after application.

Missha The Style Lucid Nail Polish in Wonder Woman BL11, swatch

This is a very pretty, summery blue and I can definitely seeing myself sporting it on fingers or toes when the weather eventually gets sunnier. For the price, I am liking it a lot!

Missha The Style Lucid Nail Polish retails for CA$4.29 (at Missha Canada) and is 8 mL. I couldn’t find an ingredient list, so I do not know whether this product is 3-free. It is made in Korea.

Missha Cosmetics was launched in 2000 by its parent company, Seoul, Korea-based Able C&C Co. Ltd. It has since grown into an international brand with stores all over the world.

15 thoughts on “Missha — BL11 (Wonder Woman, The Style Lucid Nail Polish) Swatch & Review

    • Haha, I wasn’t sure how to describe it! You know how rosemary scents are generally calming and herby? This one has a sharper, minty feel. I mean, it still smells like scented nail polish, though 🙂

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      • Hmm interesting. Now I need to try one of the Missha polishes to see what you’re talking about. I wonder if the scent is only in the Wonder Woman collection or on all Missha polishes?

        Liked by 1 person

        • As far as I can tell, it’s all the Style Lucid polishes. If you go to the product page (I forget if it was Missha.ca or the Korean site), it says it has a rosemary scent.


      • I’m a sucker for packaging. I’m ashamed to admit that I have bought cosmetics simply for they packaging. I was so sad to see that none of those gorgeous little Too Faced heart-shaped blushes came in colours suitable for my skin. I was like: “Should I buy one anyways?? The package is heart-shaped!!” LOL!

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        • Hahaha, I am like that, too! Particularly with perfume bottles… Stinks about the TF color selection. I don’t get why companies don’t sort that stuff out nowadays. It’s not like TF is some tiny indie brand!


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